Forza 3 Server has been down for the past few days.

No Storefront nor Car Auction working. Is it just with me or is there something wrong with the Server? Anybody?

Nope they are down, I was looking at a discussion over at Trueachievements, and apparently they are up and down in a very consistent basis, and if they were to shut them down, they would apparently give us advance notice, like they did with Forza 2, but would be nice to hear from Turn 10 :), my forza hub rewards arent tracking either for 3 apart from gamerscore, I know I picked up the game late but if they have a section in hub rewards the stats should still track

I had some issues with this last week. I was talking with Xbox Support on Twitter, and it was an issue in the system.

I haven’t had any issues since they fix my problems on Sunday (knock on wood).

So, I’d try tweeting Xbox Support about it, and they should help you out.

does the server works?

Server was fine for me yesterday. Bought & sold via auction house, checked sf & posted time to the leaderboards.

They are still working for me. Get in touch with Xbox Support on Twitter, and they can help you. They resolved the issues I was having a month ago.