Ford Gt gift car

I’ve still not received this car as a gift yet, I have the message in my thing stating I would receive it but it is not showing in the gift section. My other half received hers fine as it appeared in her gift section to download. Any help as to how I actually get the car would help thanks.

Mine was there as soon as I downloaded the game from Xboxlive.
But I had to have downloaded and played the FM6 demo.

Looks like this was common but most people seemed to get it eventually according to this thread

I bought the game 2 weeks ago (physical copy) and have the message about the car but no car yet. I’ve only played a few times though. Given you have to buy the car to get the achievement to pop I’m not that concerned as I’ll buy it anyway.

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Hadn’t played for at least a few days. Mine came through now though.

I got the car this week, on my fourth attempt at starting the game after losing my save game. I didn’t have a chance to drive it though, as I lost that save game too.

Ah well, at least I have a picture of it on the menu tile for the game.

I have several accounts and only the main one received this car.
All the rest had to purchase it.

i havent recived my Ford GT yet and still waiting for it =/

I haven’t received one yet either.

I thought I hadn’t revived one but it was “invisible” in an empty slot at the top of ford, on my car list. When I clicked on it, it would show up. It got annoying so I deleted it and bought one for the achievement anyway.

I still have not received it either, after having waiting a week and PMing and emailing I’m looking for any other way to get this resolved. any ideas?

Same problem here. I have the message saying I should have a GT available to download as a gift, but there’s no gift message.

So I posted the other day about not receiving the Ford GT. After seeing a link posted by Dragnet, I understood how to obtain the car. I went back into my messages and said message was deleted and I didn’t delete it. Is there anyway to have that message resent? I already completed the demo for a 2nd time, but am still waiting…any insight?

I’d say it’s unlikely they’ll send you the message again. You’d be better off buying the car for 250,000, which you need to do anyway to get the achievement.