FM6 Ultimate Car Packs - Where are the cars?

Where are the cars that come with the Ultimate Edition?

If I go into Options > Marketplace > Car Packs >Forza Motorsport 6 Ten Year Anniversary Car Pack, it shows as Purchased.

When I go into my Garage I dont have these those cars, it’s the same for the Fast and Furious Car Pack.

Go into your menus, and go to Cars, you will see the cars in the first tab, you have to purchase them for $ 0.00 and they move into your garage, hope that helps

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Thats the thing, the Car Pack cars are showing with a price, so for example, the 2013 McLaren Team Forza P1 is showing up as 780,000 CR. When I attempt to buy it I get the insufficient credits message.

Mine showed up in the free tab in the car shop.

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And if you played the demo and were awarded the Ford GT it will be in your messages as a gift car.

Mine was in my garage under the Ford tab.

I had to download mine…odd…? :wink:

Hmmm. Maybe i did download it and forgot. lol

Anyone notice some of the Team Forza cars are not tuned to the top of their class like their description? Specifically the Viper, RS 7, and M5. In my game they are evenly placed at 50 PI below max. Is this the case for everyone?

I never checked. I ought to.

The demo Ford GT came as a gift message. In he game menu there is a Message Center under the main menu section. Access this and right bumper almost all the way to the right is the Gift Center. You can find a message with the Ford GT there but do note: the gift cars are rolling out in waves according to Mechberg T10.

As for DLC cars, they should be free as they have been in the past XO titles. That does not mean they appear in your garage automatically. You must still go to the autoshow (find cars) and purchase the car except that the price is FREE. In Forza Motorsport 6 the first tab under the Find Car menu is actually all the cars in the game that you can purchase for free. If you have DLC and have not purchased it for FREE yet and it does not appear in this tab, try doing a full power cycle on your console. Then reboot the game.


I know this is a few days old, but I think those three are upgraded in respect to where you can race with them. For example, the Viper is 750 PI, is a Sport GT, and the Sport GTs PI max is 750. Same with the RS 7, 650 PI, and Extreme Heavyweights, and I forgot where the M5 roams.

So they’re not necessarily tuned to the top of their class, but they are tuned to the top of their category.

The Team Forza P1’s PI is 880/900, so I’d assume the Hypercar category (I haven’t done a race in that yet) is 880 PI as well.

DLC purchase authorizes the player to use the cars in game. The player must still obtain the cars from the Buy Cars menu to put the cars in their garage. DLC cars are free the first time you collect them, then cost credits like the rest of the car roster.

I am still having issues with ALL of my dlc! I don’t have a ‘free’ tab! I bought the ultimate edition so I believe I should have a stack load of free cars but I don’t! This needs to be resolved!

Also I have just noticed that some achievements are not completing like owning the cover car! I have the ford gt so why don’t I have the achievement?

You don’t get the achievement if the car is gifted to you for playing the demo. You need to buy the car and race it to get the achievement

The whole system seems to be a bit FUBAR, my son started playing yesterday and was gifted the Horizon VIP bonus car, he doesn’t even own FH2 I do but I wasn’t a VIP. Not that he’s complaining the problems worked in his favour for a change.