Just Want What I Paid For Forza 6 Ultimate Editiion

Turn 10, I pre-ordered Forza 6 Ultimate Edition for the price of $99… I still have not received my free cars even though they say they are installed… there is no “Free Car” tab under cars anywhere and when I go to the add on page it will not allow me to install them because it says they are already installed. I’ve done a hard reset and still nothing. All I am asking for is all the stuff from the game that I paid for nothing more nothing less. Can anyone help resolve this issue?

Did you check the find car section and a tab that says free cars? If there is no tab did you check the manufacturers that had the cars?


Have you looked under the ‘Find a Car’ option… as there was a Free tab there where I could then grab the free cars for the version of the game I bought.

Same issue here, then did the same as the guys above and they are there x

There is no “FREE CAR” tab in FIND A CAR. If I try to buy one of the cars that should be free I get a message stating I already own the car pack and will not allow me to buy it or the car. If I go to Manages and Aps the car packs show they are down loaded and installed. I’ve contacted Micro Soft and I believe I will need to uninstall and reinstall. Bummer!

I had a similar problem can anyone help I got forza 6 ultimate edition from amazon and it said it came with the 2015 miata but I can’t find it anywhere.