DLC cars arent all showing in garage

I installed the Ultimate Edition when it was launched here in the USA and have been playing ever since. I have had little to no issues with the game itself, just missing a few of the cars, and one big one. The cover boy being the main one that I am waiting for.
Does anyone else have this or is it just me right now?

If this has already been covered in another topic, please point me towards there and feel free to lock this.



Have you collected them from the Buy Cars menu and they disappeared after appearing in your My Cars list?

Which models?

You have to download them from the find new cars then they show up in your garage, but that Ford GT took 3 days for mine to come.

My son had a similar problem with the 10th Anniversary cars - only 9 downloaded at first. The next time we started the game, all 10 were there.

The Ford is the only one that isn’t in my garage now, the rest are there after multiple reboots.
Looking at the forums, looks like I am definitely not alone with not yet having the Ford.

Please be specific to help support response. Ford GT or the Ford Shelby GT350R? The Ford Shelby is a VIP DLC car included with the Ultimate Edition and should appear in the Buy Cars list, first column “Free Cars” where you can obtain it for free for your garage. The 2017 Ford GT is not automatically gifted to any edition owners unless they have played the Demo, and then it should be found in the Message Center tab for Gifts, where you must download it to collect it for your garage.

Please provide links to the threads that also report not having the Ford.

The Ford GT 2017 you get free for playing the demo will take a few days, mine took 3 days to arrive.

Is that the 3 race beginner series that they put you through when the game is first started?

The Forza Motorsport 6 Demo is separate from the full game.