FM6: Apex and the modding community

So FM6: Apex will be out soon which will be the first Forza game for the PC but there’s one question will it support mods?
For example: Once FM6: Apex will come out modders will scramble to make stable trainers that can give players a LOT of credits so they can buy and upgrade lots of cars (providing they play on singleplayer not multiplayer; where they can get banned) soon in a lot of cases modders will create dedicated servers, more customization mods (e.g; wide bodykits, more rims and spoilers etc.), and even car mods and when the design editor comes to FM6: Apex (which it will) they’ll make crazier designs than on the XBONE (Oh I would like to make the Asiimov skin fom CS:GO)

So will there be modding support? I don’t know we’ll find out when FM6: Apex is out

As it’s a Windows 10 UWP title, it will most likely not support modding.

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LOL. I really don’t think you even fully know what Forza 6 Apex is going to be. It is a highly curated free version of Forza 6, which is only to introduce PC gamers to the franchise. We will have to wait for E3 to see if we are getting a new full game this year, which most people seem to think we will. It has been stated we are getting all future games in the franchise, be it the circuit and open world varieties.

Firstly, no car customization. No vinyls or anything like that.

Secondly, NO multiplayer! Zero at all is in this game.

Thirdly. credits are gone. This game will absolutely NOT use the credits system found in every other game in the franchise. You will get a form of points you use to unlock more cars.

Lastly, while Phil Spencer DID say that UWP games will be able to have mods, I don’t think it will be to the extent that something like Steam Workshop is. Only Microsoft or developer sanctioned mods will be allowed. Remember, Microsoft takes up to 2 weeks to verify that patches for games are allowed to be pushed on their systems as they have a very tight control over the stuff they want to allow on their platforms. They want to keep a very strict measure of quality with software they have on any of their gaming platforms, so I am almost certain it will be the very same with AAA first party games. Minecraft on Windows 10 store doesn’t even allow mods, so that should tell you something as the standard version actually does.

If you want to see where Phil Spencer said that modding would come to Windows 10 store games you can read more about it here, though it still stands to see exactly how far they will allow people to mod their games.

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Eh, we (modders) will always find a way. The variable is how awkward MS are about it.


Vary. They’re about as bad as Apple is about their closed system. Try GTA online levels of control, banning people for being associated with mods in a game that is one of the most well known games for the modding community and quite easy to manipulate values even in the console version, yet still R* cling to some sense of control of what they deem as “fair gameplay”. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Microsoft. (I’m a long time Microsoft user [Ex fanboy])

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Then if it ends up like gta5 the mods get out of hand by the hackers, then it could mean no more forza for pc hackers/modders ruin it for the rest of us, bit like F4 with the bent cr/stolen designs prob why AH/Storefront not in F5 etc down to the modders etc why we lost that in the later forzas.

To be honest, I’m not familar with modding on previous Forzas on consoles, or how effective it is. I personally don’t like people who just mess with other people, that’s just a scummy thing. The modding I prefer to see is adding new content in single player, and the developers embracing that. Creative modding as opposed to destructive modding.

As for GTA V hacking, I know in PS3/X360 it’s basically a wasteland now, it’s pretty bad on PC although when I used to play GTAO I did run into a few problems, now I just mod single player - again the creative modding instead of destructive modding. Also modding is non-existent on PS4/XB1.

As for what features were lost in later Forzas, I don’t know, I don’t play online, I only have FM4/FH1 for X360 and no XBox Live as I don’t like the idea of paying for multiplayer.

Forza for PC won’t go away that easily, the universal platform is at the core of what Microsoft is doing right now and Forza looks to be it’s shining example of cross-platform coding.

They monitor foul play pretty thoroughly on the consoles and I expect no less on PC.

Are you really willing to gamble your Xbox Live account to do so though?

To be perfectly honest, with FM6: Apex bring single player only with the exception of leaderboards, I can’t see Microsoft resisting mods that much. When FM7/FH3 arrive and multiplayer comes to PC, then clearly the situation will change, and I fully respect that as I personally don’t want hacks interfering with my multiplayer experience and I can’t imagine anyone else would. On single player, adding new cars shouldn’t be an issue unless Microsoft are attempting to protect their DLC, but people are going to buy DLC for multiplayer anyway.

As for gambling away my Xbox Live account - I am not modding multiplayer, and I’ve never had a subscription and never will, all there is to lose is a couple of savegames and achievements.

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Whoa there, why the immature hostility? The leak that was posted with the gameplay showed that there will in fact NOT be customization. It has even been stated that there will not even be vinyls in the game, so I don’t know what your source is but I seen the game running with my own eyes on a video and the only thing you could change on the cars was the paint color and some predefined paint designs like camouflage or chrome or gold paint.

I’d love Forza to create an open API to allow community developers to get information out of the game in real time and into external programs. Things like race results, top speed, lap times, telemetry data, car ahead/behind distances, etc.

Allow the developers in the community access to that information and watch the magic happen: mobile apps to assist tuners, using a mobile phone as a live dashboard of sorts, online tournaments/competitions with instant results, apps to aide in letting drivers know when they are driving incorrectly, maybe even an app that acts as a spotter for you. All things that would add community value to the Forza franchise, but that Turn 10 does not have the time or resources to make. Let Turn 10 do the difficult work of developing the core game we love, and let developers in the community free to create great resources around that.

While you can do more interesting things with API access that allows you to change certain values (think of a basic tune creator app that has a slider for ‘tight/lose’ and could change your cars settings in game without you doing it manually), even just read-only access to Forza data would be great asset and couldn’t be used for modding/cheating.

Cant be done with the current UWP implementation.

If it’s in the memory, simple trainer like mods will crop up as they do with all games. Worst comes to the worst there’s always CE and the old CSR method of modding values aha

Sorry that I didn’t reply for so long I got blocked and I forgot about the forums
However I would be pretty upset if there weren’t an option add vinyls to a car so then I would need an external program or mess with the game files (if there are any) or I will have to write a letter to Turn 10

Now I guess I would be leaving these forums for a while and get on with stuff like BeamNG and Need for Speed