FM5 Questions about sharing information

After my daily twenty minutes around Bathurst eternally chasing the Stig, this morning, I decided I would go and watch the #1 Lap time replay. BTW, Holy Crap that guy is fast! It’s amazing how fast he is throwing that car through the corners. I went back and watched my replay and it’s like the difference in watching a regular Toyota Camry try and race against it’s NASCAR big brother Camry. How can there be such a big disparity?

I wish I could view his Telemetry to see what the car is doing while he is driving, how fast is going into the corners, brake pressure etc. Is there a way to share that information with selected people?

I assume the leader board racers want that information to be private, but lets say a friend of mine has a better lap time than me, is that person able to share their full replay with me so I can watch the data and learn where I can improve?

I know I can watch cockpit view, and squint at that tiny speedo readout but that isn’t what I am looking for.

Also, when I find a livery I like, and I choose to “follow” that creator, what does that actually do? Is there a list of preferred artists somewhere or a way to view their work in game?

i dont think you have telemetry in any replays including your own unfortunantly. i loaded a viper tune that i drive the same way and throwing it is exactly how it feels. it catches just in time and i have no idea what is going on. i’m not even sure the wheels are staying on the ground. you turn the car hard and hold the turn then at the last second the car reacts. am am in control all around the track except coming down the hill, i can feel what the car is doing. down hill it feels like i am just along for the ride. its as much luck as skill. and i run it clean almost all the time. its weird. if i hit the wall its always the left coming onto the hill top straight which i usually miss.

i think when you follow someone they show up in your recommened section so you dont have to scroll as far to find their stuff.

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Watch in cockpit view to see some info.

That is just going to show the gear and speed right?

Yeah mainly and in some cars not that much.

Braking watch in chase view and check the lights. Trial and error to find the pressure.

I don’t brake hard anywhere on Bathurst in this event - let the car carry speed so in the main I get into the right gear with light braking and then turn in and pray. Most of the time the prayers are answered by the tyres.

Pressure is more of a personal preference than an outright ‘quickest’.