FM5 Problems

Back again here on the forum with the same problem and other problems.
Cars are like driving hover boards no tuning works to correct it, loss of brakes and steering no settings change it and this happens on all my cars.
An other problem is the cars just speed up with out touching the controller and I tried a new controller and no change.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game three times, I have restored the Xbox one twice and reinstalled everything and no change, and I also updated both controllers.

I will admit that I do have an attitude problem and lose my cool and cuss and swear to much and need to work on that and remember that it is just a game.
I have never raced anyone online I just play the game and do the rival events .

I probably created my own problems with my attitude on some of my post and all I can do is apologize and be a better person and when things don’t go well go for a walk in stead of writing a post in the forums

I am truly sorry turn ten and Xbox one for my bad attitude and I will work on being a better person

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thats lag. if you are useing wireless try to move the routers and xbox closer together and try to have as little stuff between them to interfere with the signal as possible, espically anything metal. its that your internet connection isn’t good enough, so no tune or new controller wont help. definantly dont have a speaker between your router and the xbox, magnets distort the signal even in wired connections.

Uh, he’s talking single-player I believe, not multiplayer. No lag involved there…