FM ''8'' is lagging, mostly in the same places

I’m using a Xbox series X, a suitable TV, and I have a super, fast and stable internet connection.
As I’m playing FM ‘‘8’’ on my Xbox series X, it may be stable and have no lag, but surely, as I progress playing the game after a very short while, I keep getting laggy moments in the game, it’s impossible to get above all, corners and breaking points, spot on, and it’s mostly in the same places.
Whatever I’ve done to resolve the issue, it’s not getting any better, I restart the game, but after a while, it starts to lag again, and lately, I’m experiencing lag moments, in places I didnt experience lag before.
I assume the Xbox is continually busy doing something that’s affecting the games physics, either doing checkups using the Xbox and the internet, distabilizing it in any ways, by updating it’s sicurity, the game-s, the Apps, all excessively using the Xbox Serie X core engine ?! I really don’t know, I just presume that could be the cause for this extremely annoying disruption.
Could you please sort this out once and for all ?!

Thank you in advance :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Yeah had that before where the game goes slow for a bit then speeds up until it’s where it should have been, ultra annoying if you are overtaking then cop a penalty for the game’s networking issues

Oh on PC btw

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Is this multiplayer specific issue? I think I have experienced micro frame stutters on some rare occasions. Series X, RT perf mode.

Not voted as the OP’s issue may be unique.

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I’m playing offline for now, as I’m still finishing the game progress and trying to figure out what’s the best settings, hopefully Turn 10 have more or less figured out by now, what’s the game engine going to be like and keep it that way, they kept changing things around so much, I kept struggling with trying to figure out car setups and steeringwheel settings.

If you’re playing it offline, doesn’t it ask you to input your settings every time you launch the game?

What kind of tips do you need for car setups?

As for wheel settings, I’m on a controller, sorry.

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I just wanting to let everyone know, the game ( Forza Motorsports ‘‘8’’ that I’m playing on my Xbox x series ) is ok now, xbox live was down yesterday, and since the game doesn’t work if Xbox live is down, can’t even long in with ones own account to get into the game menu, I think they fixed the lag problem as well, with whatever else that was eventually needed, has hapened or was going on with Xbox live servers and connections.

The lag I was experiencing, could very well be, because the game is always in connection with the server, and obviously, it needs a stable and safe connection, even if I’m playing solo/offline.

I deleted and reinstalled the whole Forza Motorsports ‘‘8’’ game, that may have helped as well ?! I don’t know, I just thought it was better to delete and reinstall the whole almost 140 GB game, making it a one installation, instead of having all the updates added to the main initial game.

And yes, I did have a few issues again, as I paused and switched off the game, and wanted to continue from where I left off later, it didn’t recognise the steering wheel, and after i tried a few things to reconnect again, I went back to the main game menu and restarted the console, all was ok again when I restarted the game, so yes, it’s working fine now.

Happening here too, but I think It’s due to the console overheating. It’s not exactly “fresh” here in Italy, even if I play with the AC on in the room.

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