FM2 style progession is what we need.

I am not saying this because of nostalgia, it genuinely is a good progression system because u start off in ok cars then do championships to get better ones. FM7 had 0 progression (Mclaren F1 starter car) and basically all of us would appreciate an actual progression system. making forza for fortnite kids is what made the game worse. (little kids wanna start off with the best stuff so thats why i brought up this point.)


It’s just race after race in M2, no progression at all. Motorsport deserves real career mode.

of course they could just add to it so its more challenging

I have zero interest in any sort of gating/level up/progression mechanic. I also have zero interest in “the best stuff”. What I look for in a game is content that keeps me engaged and the flexibility to access that content in any way I see fit.

I’m aware most people enjoy the sense of accomplishment and reward from such systems, so I’m OK with their inclusion as long as they don’t interfere with my ability to avoid them. FM7 did a pretty good job of balancing the two approaches; I abandoned Career and Leagues very early on, but have been enjoying the rest of the game more-or-less nonstop for the last few years.

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although fm2 progression was slightly fast (can start with an s14 or fc rx7) and the championships were a bit easy, this system did keep u engaged to earn more cars.

That was my point. “Earning more cars” doesn’t keep me engaged. I don’t get a sense of accomplishment from it, and if I have to sit through stupid “LEVEL UP!” screens and random prize wheels to “earn” things, it actively ****es me off.

If you (and others) enjoy that sense of progress, that’s cool. Hopefully the game is designed in such a way that both of us can have fun.

Exactly, racing games are about content and racing. I like nice careers but you always need at least some hotlaping mode with all cars. For instance, private testing in PC2 is great, I don’t need much more.

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They should copy the career mode of Project Cars 1 and 2.


What about Motorsport 4’s style progression? That had a HUGE variety of events, so I would like to see something similar in the new Motorsport.

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