FM is too much focused on "race aspect" and have lost some of his "Motorsport/car aspect"

First, sorry for my english i try to do my best.

On this post, i’m talking about the online experience

So, the current aspect of Forza Motorsport is all about racing, you can only join racing on different division/class, that’s all.

And what about players who just want to chill, to enjoy more the “motorsport/car aspect” instead of the racing one.

If the multiplayer have a track day section with for example 2 tracks rotating each 2hours, so players who don’t want to be forced to race can just do what they want on a track day lobby.

It allow to peoples to drift or do some drags racing even if those 2 motorsport doesn’t have a proper section.
Peoples can also just do some meeting, some cruising.

I mean we just need a multiplayer mode where peoples can jump on, without to be forced to race.

I don’t know if there’s are a reason for why we don’t have a searching function on private multiplayer, but actually, except if you have peoples for play with by sending an invit to the lobby, this mode become ussless, because the xbox search function isn’t that at all, it doesn’t do what it supposed to.

Also, i think having a track day section on multiplayer can help (a little bit) to make racing lobby more clean.

We simply need something who make the players feel free to do, what they want to.

I like racing, but i don’t like to be forced to race, for example, i like to meet someone who drive on the same class as me, and suddenly trying to race against him.

Thanks if you have reading this, i hope it was understandable.

Did you think a trackday section is worth for multiplayer ?

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  • No
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Thanks for the reply,

But i have to say the searching function is really bad, tags are not really useful, it’s difficult to find what you search.

I finally find a trackday vote topic while scrolling, i had already voted it.

But the problem still remain the same, we vote for ?
The game getting closer to his one year.

A Trackday lobby, should be something who is on the game at launch, so how much month we have to wait for this to be implemented ?

How much more vote we need for make devs thinking “we have to work on this” ?


I voted YES to your question but I also remember the many Forza Monthly episodes where Chris Esaki explained wanting to make up for “People saying there’s Motorsport in your name but your game isn’t really about Motorsport”. So they decided to push the Motorsport aspect based on popular demand. Can’t really blame them for that even though a “chill” space as you say would be great.


I can’t help but thinking that sort of thing is more suited to horizon

Honestly, I feel FM23 tried to lean in on being the “serious FM” but just ended up meaning a lot of different things got neglected in the name of “focusing” on circuit racing. Any track variant of existing tracks without pit entrances are gone, there’s no street circuits, drag racing and drifting are not supported, and (as the original poster mentioned) there are no track days, etc… Not even going to get into the car list (and the relative lack of unique road cars added since launch).

Especially with track days… Wouldn’t it have been a great thing to have back when car levelling still restricted car upgrades? I still think it would be a great addition to the game


That’s where they dropped the ball. Would have been great and less of a grind to level cars up while racing/socializing. Obviously it’s easy to say now but they had the “CarPG” idea, not us.

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Can’t say more, instead of destroy an old franchise, they should have build a new one (from the ground up), a parallel franchise with that focus on race, Forza Racing

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Dear OP, do you know who asked for the game to have more “proper” cars and less everyday, less SUVs, etc.?

A tip: the word begins with the letter “c”.

Beware what you wish for.

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If it’s Chris Esaki I don’t think he works on FM8 anymore, hasn’t been around since launch

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I’m with you mate, car culture - socializing / show’n’shine / cruises / auctions / spectating / drags / drifting, and… track racing, are not mutually exclusive in my opinion, they’re symbiotic. Most racing enthusiasts can appreciate every one of the above, likely participate in them in some way.

Nothing better than socializing over the cars that we then compete with.

I miss Open Track Day immensely.


Racing any vehicle that drives on solid ground is imo Motorsport

If the team at Turn10 were serious on going Assetto Corsa Competizione style they could have at least bothered to put the right vehicles in the correct classes.

Forza Motorsport has always been a drive anything you like style like GT and now they want to try and force some simulation style, Nope it’s just not Forza without playing it the way you like.

If anyone disagrees just look at how FM8 is doing in reviews and the xbox top 50 most played games

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It’s Alive!, thought we lost that thread to the depths of the suggestions hub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

LOL if the game is so “focused” on racing, it says a lot that the game doesn’t even do that one thing well.
“Focused.” Ha. :rofl:


That’s the more fun part

It’s not a given name either.

Another, final tip: it has 9 letters.