FM 7 Key activation

I hope anyone is able to give me a clear answer as it seems i cant find any on Google. One of my mates wanted to jump from FH 5 to FM 7 so i bought him a PC/Xbox key for 10 bucks which he could add trough the Xbox app. Now he doesnt seem to be able to install it as it says “Bundle is not available”

Is this due to the game being pulled from the store? I didn`t knew about this before i bought the key.
This would seem a bit weird as keys are still being distributed without any notification about this issue.

I hope were doing something wrong here and hell still be able to download it…

Is he logged into his account inside the Microsoft Store App too ? describes when Forza 7 left the Microsoft Store. If you open the store, search for Forza 7 you will get messages that Forza 7 is no longer available. Sorry unless your code was one of those special ones Microsoft sent GamePass owners you are Out of Luck when it comes to FM7.

You could always buy the disc version, (if your x box is not a digital download only i.e. no disk drive.) Plenty in second hand shops. Hope u have success its a great game.