Flying start in test drive?

I used to be able to do flying start in test drive, which was very useful for getting the information I need to tune the car and/or set reference times.
But since update 10, I can only do standing start or very slow rolling start. This is really annoying when you’re trying to do a flying lap, especially with a slow car on a long track.
Is anyone else having the same problem? Or is there some new settings I missed?

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I had different issue, when trying to test car on maple, I got heavy rain in night, before update 10 all test tracks had same sunny weather, idk what happened but it looks like test drive is broken.

I think you can still choose the time and weather in the advance setting - at least it still works for me.

Same as you, no more running start in test drive, even though you see the car fly off the pitlane only to stop before the start/finish line :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I see. I guess I’ll report the issue in the hope that T10 will acknowledge and fix it one day…

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