[FIXED] Not connecting to message center and certain online / server content at startup

Since a couple of weeks it takes up to 5 or 6 tries to actually get the game to retrieve content from the message center.
Daily rewards, rival updates are completely blank.
In these cases often it showed “coming soon” at Forzathon, but that seems to keep the regular icon now.

Only remedy we have found (same behavior for my account and that of my dad) is to completely close the game, sign out and try again several times until it does connect and get the content.

Worked well before, no issue with FM5 / FM6 / FH2 / FH 3 where getting the daily payout is a routine.
It is really just FM7 where this issue occurs.

Anyone else having similar issues?


I’ve only had the issue at home, where my internet is 1Mbps and there’s other devices using it too.

I’ve found if I just leave it alone for a few minutes, my messages, rivals or forzathon shows up.

Never had the issue at work.

But I’ve also seen it take awhile to update my game score on a home Xbox, when I last raised it at work

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Well, just waiting is not a solution as it just doesn’t connect.
Connection is not super fast at 10Mbit, but it worked before and works with all other games.

It takes a lot of attempts to finally get the message center to work.

Quite annoying really.


Try fully shutting down your console, un plug for a minute, then try again

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Did that already, couple of times.
Also turned it back to full shutdown for a while, to not have it on quick start-up. No difference.
Not my profile, it does the same with the account of my dad on the same console.
I have another Xbox one, does the same thing.
Not the network settings either.

It worked fine before, but either a game update or a server side change messed things up.
Message center, rivals, leaderboards loading. It is really the game - server content retreival communication that is unstable. To say it nicely.


I am from Brazil and I have the same problem for more than a month.

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One would think if server side, it would affect everyone.

It’s only happened to me on occasion, on my 1mbps home internet. It’s never happened at my work with my ~15mbps internet.

Often times, when at home and I fire up the Xbox, I can tell when it’s going to happen as my game score won’t instantly update, when I log in, to something I’d previously set at work. When this happens, it generally takes two to three times of signing off Xbox live, and back in, for my score to update, then I can launch fm7 and have messages, rivals, etc.

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I also suffer from this problem constantly. No messages, Forza Hub rewards and even specialty dealer offers refuse to appear at times. Quite annoying and hard resetting the console doesn’t appear to help at all. I’m in a very stable and low latency 10Mbps connection and this kind of problem only happens with Forza 7, as Forza 6 and Horizon 2/3 don’t suffer from this.


I was having the same issues for awhile didnt think much of it, but now it’s gotten to the point I cannot play it at all shutdowns when it loads the home screen everytime.

I “solved” the problem right now when I tried to enter multiplayer, the messages started to pop up.
The problem for sure wasnt my internet connection, it is a 120mb One with low latency.

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Now I also did not get the RR that was the reward for competing in the league last week.
Just fantastic, really…

Any way to solve this?
Leaving it on and waiting does not help, takes at least 3 tries to get the server related content to work, but can take up to 10 tries.
Getting really fed up with spending over 30minutes to start the game.

Worked fine before, nothing changed in my settings or internet setup.
Just don’t get anything in the message center and it seems the game just doesn’t connect to the Forza servers.

Getting to a point where I will throw the game in the corner to never touch it again. But after spending a fair amount of money on the ultimate edition and investing time in the game, I would like to be able to enjoy it and finish it.

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It’s actually happening a bit more frequently to me at home, last night on two different consoles, no messages. A couple of restarts each. So no drivatar reward, and no Forza rewards.

Fh2&3, fm5 all worked like normal, both drivatar and Forza rewards.

Initially I had no rivals, but they appeared about 5 minutes after being in the game.


Messages worked fine at work on my faster internet, never had a message issue there. Had tuning rewards, drivatar rewards from yesterday, rivals challenge and my Forza rewards.

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Is there a timeout programmed where after x time or y tries it just gives up?
Again, it worked fine at first in FM7 and I have no issues in FM5, FM6, FH2, FH3.
So I don’t know what changed in the connection coding but it is impossible now. I understand changes are being made in the message center. If it is a timeout / connection speed issue please test it with slower connection speeds as well and include a fix for this.

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After the last update of this month, the mensage center, no longer works, it opens without a title and no longer receives msg, including Gifts, Rivals, etc.

Ai from Brazil


This has been happening to me too for the past few months. Opening it up and it just says no messages, doesn’t even show the different tabs… And yes I’ve tried doing the hard reset multiple times and no it’s got nothing to do with my internet as it was working fine before they updated the message centre.


It’s happening to me 9n both consoles at home consistently now, where as it didn’t used to. It has worked since the update, but not so much now.

Don’t have this problem at work

I am having some issues with the Message Center now, also. On my new X console I noticed I was only seeing the Rivals and News tabs, none of the other tabs. I went back to the PC and then I had those 2 still plus the Daily rewards tab. I claimed the reward, closed out and reopened the Message Center and now I am back to only 2 tabs, Rivals and News. Very strange.


It was changed in the last update that you ONLY see the tabs that you actually have messages in

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