[FIXED] Not connecting to message center and certain online / server content at startup

Huh, didn’t know that. Did they actually tell anybody about the change?

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Hi, “happy” to see that I’m not the only one… since 3, 4 weeks I’ve the same problem, message center is broken, multiplayer ok, rivals mods too but I didn’t receive any message like drivavatar daily, forza hub rewards… I play on xbox, try to delete and sync the server save, nothing better.

Of course I’ve no problem on FH3…


Same problem here.

Message Center is completely empty, eveb the old messages are no longer available. No daily Drivatar rewards, no rival messages and worst of all: No more Forza Hub rewards!

It is definitely not a console problem or with the internet connection. My son has an account on the same console, but is receiving all messages, including hub rewards.

Please Turn10, fix this…


I’ve had the same problem with message center not functioning right. It worked fine up until I JULY Update and now I don’t even get my daily payout? Had to sign out and restart console just to retrieve daily payouts but that’s all it’s giving me. Should have received the “home on the range” driver gear for last weeks league ?

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You have to go into the league tab to get the driver gear. Also since the July update, you will only see “new” messages in the message board. If you dont have any there will be no tabs.


Isn’t the daily payout a “daily Message” ? I have been in the League Tab and still did not receive the reward , like i said earlier, everything was working until the JULY update. I don’t know if this solved the issue but today I plugged in a second controller, raced 1 race and then it notified me of my messages.

3 weeks without rewards for my. Messages Center fails.

I can’t do nothing in X1X nor PC.

I have 400Mb/400Mb

Well it still takes up to 12 tries to get the message center up and running.
So the big update did not solve that.

Not being able to enter rivals, server not available, message center not working, etc. etc.

Is this ever going to be fixed? Or even investigated?
Spending an hour to even get the stupid thing running and connected to the server is a disgrace.
Every other Forza game is at least booting properly on the Xbox one. But this is not getting better…


Same problem here with Xbox one X, since update my F7 os offline, and take so many minutes yo connect…

Do you have your console set to instant on

Maybe try putting it to regular on

It’s pretty sporadic for me at home Talby. Two nights ago, 2 out of 4 account had messages arrive after getting in to the game after about 2 minutes. Another account had messages when I got in the game, last account never did get any.

Last night, no messages for anyone.

I have yet to see this happen at work.

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My Xbx is allways in energy saving mode, and unplugged in night.

After last update on my Xbox stop giving messages. I do get them on PC. Both connected to same router with identical cables. I need to launch game on PC to see what messages i’ve gotten.

Something odd is going on, because I receive in-game messages (daily rewards, rivals) only every three days. This on Xbox One X.

No difference between instant on and energy saving.
Doing a complete restart does nothing.
Unplugging the console for 5 minutes also nothing.

Same here guys, about 2 months that thing happened to me. In windows center show me NAT open and 200ms to the server (i am from brazil)
I already did the port fowarding and many other tricks, now i cant enter even on league, only multplayer game mode

PC here

2nd day without being able to play online, center message, action house or anything that needs a connection

Yep, nothing changed from my side.

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No surprise as the Microsoft Servers have been doing some wacky things but all seems back to normal now well it seems to be fingers crossed

Message center is still a disgrace and a disaster.
It just doesn’t connect, doesn’t work at all.

  • no daily rewards
  • no weekly bonus
  • no AH messages
  • no rival messages

Rivals at start-up doesn’t work either, but at least you can force that to refresh and get the data by entering it again after a server time-out message.

If you guys cannot figure out how to fix the stupid message center that works in all previous Forza titles, create a stupid “refresh” button in the message center to pull the messages from the server. Then at least we have a work around.

Starting the game, signing in and out, about 20 times to try and force the messages to come in, is getting really old, takes a lot of time and makes the whole FM7 experience a frustrating one.

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