[FIXED] Game locks up after startup logo after April Update (Xbox One regular)

nope! Digital version here.

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Same problem my friends. I am installing Horizon 3. Will play that until they fix this issue. Thanks in advance

Same issue here… After downloading the latest update I get the Take10 intro and then a black screen with menu music and some car sounds. Really frustrating :frowning:

ok, hello

i ve done the last update of Forza M 7, and juste after this, i can’t lauch my game, when there is nnormally the menu, there is a black screen with music andd car souand, how to change it, i buy the game 1 week ago man

Help me plz, i need help

After the update I’m experiencing the same frustrating issues as mentioned in the multiple posts above.
Turn 10 logo, then black screen. Can hear cars racing but that’s it. I have restarted, hard restarted, & everything else I have read to do & nothing. Removed my profile & re-read it. Still nothing!
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i have almost the same problem on the pc version , game just freeze and stops after couple minutes of playing.
And i played a lot this wheek so it worked great .

here is my pc thread : forza 7 stops playing after 5mins - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

Someone else posted that the game booted up fine on one of his other profiles so try this go offline then try to start the game. This will make it boot from your Xbox 1, not the cloud. Its worth a try. Hope it works for you I have not updated Forza yet.

Hi Viper11851,

Thanks for helping. I tried it but it didn’t solve the problem. Again thanks, it was a good idea anyway.

Best regards

HI All, i got exactly the same issue. Got in touch with xbox chat support. Here is what i done:

-reset xbox kept the apps
-restarted several times
-turned off console, unplugged
-also did power drain of system
-and at last i did reinstall the whole game

I found out that if i signed in as a guest the game did start as a new game past the “pres A” screen. But as long as i signed in to my normal account the game did not past the screen after Turn 10, music was still playing. So i tried to delete the save file locally and tried to synch it with cloud after the re-install and re-downloading the game. Still no help. So i guess is something to do with synching the save files. As i mentioned i was able to start the game as guest.

This occurred after last game update.

Hope this will be fixed soon.


Ive already tried loading the game offline and the same happened also tried loading the game through the Forza Hub which didn’t work. Is it possible to get a refund for a digital copy? It’s a shame really as I’ve only had the game for a month but there always seems to be something wrong.

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I have this same issue. Gets to Porsche with driver walking towards it then freezes with racing sounds and music in the background. I even uninstalled and reinstalled no good. Please help. Digital Version of the game.

Hi, I’m playing Forza 7 on Xbox and since the last update (1.125.7149.0)I’m getting a black screen after logo.
It never happened before and only happens to Forza 7, I tried to reinstall but it didn’t work.

I’m having similar issue after installing April update, game loads up and after the “Turn 10 studios”, screen goes to black and music plays in the background. Nothing more.

on April 19 2018 the update for forza motorsport 7 was released, when I go to start up the game all o got was the turn 10 log start up then black screen with music. after six more additional time, I uninstalled the game thinking that would have fixed the problem but nothing changed. I have the digital copy of the game on Xbox one so I hope turn 10 will fix this problem that is happening to people and resolve it as quickly as possible just the same as it had started.

I’m having the same issue others have described: T10/MS logos appear, then the game freezes at the load screen (with music playing in the background). Everything worked fine before the update.

Another xbox profile/gamertag works fine for me on the same xbox, but, of course, I want to use the profile that doesn’t work…

I am having the same problem I updated last night now all I get is black screen and sound. I was told to hard reset the console then delete my profile and re enter profile. Then to clear the cache and uninstall then 're install after deleting my game save. But still no game just sound. Hope this gets sorted soon.

same here black screen
here the car sounds
all after the april update
i use disc
tried yesterday
tried today

Please fix

SENT email to forzafb@microsoft.com with my gamertag

Will see what happens


This is something that needs to be resolved yesterday.

If this is a sign of things to come, I’ll always research beforehand if their future patches are ‘game-breakers’ - this time around a hunch prevented me from installing the latest patch.

Unacceptable by T10. ‘Stunts’ like these could mark the beginning of the end for the Forza franchise.

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Same here:

-Xbox One S
-Windows 10

And no answer from Turn 10???

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