[FIXED] Game locks up after startup logo after April Update (Xbox One regular)

Ever since installing the april update, even after uninstalling and reinstalling, Forza 7 freezes after the Turn 10 logo. I can hear the music and sounds but otherwise black screen or I see the Porsche with frozen progress icon. Game worked fine before this update.

Console: Xbox One standard, Forza 6 edition


Im having exactly the same issue. I was playing fine before the Update. Hard resetting the console did nothing. Its stuck at the start screen with the star at the Botton right not moving.
Also tried deleting my saved data several times (like the ohter thread recommends). Still cant enter the game
Im on a regular xbox one at 1080p. Also I am in the insider program.
I can play other games just fine.
Just want to add that i dowloaded the game on win 10 and does the exact same thing! Its definetly a profile issue.

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I have that trouble too what we need to do ?

Ditto. Good job, Turn 10, you broke your own game! You should also fix the 1932 Ford Deluxe Coupe body kit options while you’re fixing this problem.

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I have the same issue.

Forza 7

I did a hard reset on the Xbox One X : remove power cable.
Soft reset : restart console.
Changed and tried all the different graphic settings, including 4k, 1080P, 720P.
Reinstalled the game 100%…

Nothing seems to correct the issues.

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We are aware of an issue where some players are encountering an unresponsive state when loading the game. They will hear music playing but the game will not load to the main menu. We are currently investigating this issue. At this time, there are no known workaround and reinstalling the game or deleting your local game save will not resolve the issue. For updates, please keep an eye on this thread.

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Same issue. i see the turn 10 logo and then when it goes to the grey/silver porsche loading screen, the screen freezes, the music keeps playing, and nothing more happens. I tried my son’s profile on the same xbox and it worked fine. It’s something to do with my profile I guess.

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Ditto on the previously mentioned black screen of doom. Almost did a full delete/reinstall before checking here. Tried dropping from 4k to 1080/720, reboot, and tried my second xbox with similar results. Completely locked out of the game after title/intro screen.

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Same here with my XBOX ONE X. In addition I tried with deleting local game save data AND profile so it has reloaded them from the cloud. Still no change.

As stated by @Tredough I tried with another profile on the same xbox and it works fine. So the only difference I can see is that the profile that works did never launch FM7 before. I also tried to go ahead in game, the shutdown and restart and it works fine also (with the second profile).

So it seems that this issue happens with profiles that have had saved game data BEFORE this april update. Thats to say with version 1.121.126 if I remember correctly.

Hope this will be fixed soon as for now the game is broken for all those that are facing this issue!


Game worked before. Installed update, now when loading game, after Microsoft studios animation it goes to black screen. I can hear car sound but no video, it’s just a black screen. Game broken, please fix! Help!

I’m having this problem as well. Annoying! I also tried reinstalling. Just chiming in here to add another voice to the fire. I’m not going to bother emailing anyone, that’s not my job and I didn’t sign up for alpha/beta testing.


Same issue, very frustrating.

Updated the game today and bought the new DlC before going into the game and now the game will not get past the turn 10 and Microsoft load pages. The screen stays all black. I’ve tried uninstalling the game and doing a soft reset on the consule and no results (Xbox one x)

Same here.The game was running fine until downloading the new update

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Hello, same problem as you, black screen with sound. I downloaded the game again, change the settings, reboot ect … No problem with my other game in 4k hdr and I see that too late that the problem comes from the update.
Sorry for my english is bad, greeting from Switzerland

Oneshoot - There is no need to apologize for your use of English. It’s just fine. We all appreciate your input/feedback.

Have the same issue.

Black screen right after Turn 10 startup logo…

Please role back the April update or release emergency hotfix asap.

Does Turn 10 know about this problem or when it will be fixed?

I just did the update last night and got the black screen as well. I called Xbox Support and we jumped through all the hoops, including, unplugging from the surge protector and plugging it into the wall, pushed the xbox button for 10 seconds and unplugging it, cleared my blue ray settings, factory reset, even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. NOTHING! It loads on reset, I see the pretty little Porsche, Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios, then black screen with music and cars racing. No playability! This is a digital download game for the record. Xbox Support did offer the refund and asked if I wanted to wait to see if they fix it on their end. I also emailed Forza 7 team and reported everything that I’m laying out for you guys. Keep you posted if mine gets fixed or if I go straight refund.

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I have to the same here. Black screen after T10 logo. I tried in offline. Couldn’t even enter. I have CD. Does the other players also have CD?? Maybe the problem is for the ones that has the Disk??