It’s insane how bad the memory leak is. An hour of playing equals 30 or more lost frames.

After 2 hours of play my game that can play above 120FPS in Ultra setting is crawling as slow at 30FPS at times during some races.

Add to it the other issues in the game… the fact that off road racing takes so much more memory due to all the environmental crap and forcing us to drive through it all… then the insane way anything above highly skilled AI is just glued to the racing line even if they are on muddy dirt roads, it all makes dropping frames during these recent rainy weather cross country festival playlists to quickly become the worst content in the game.

I’m forcing myself through it just to reach the 42 points for the season but man oh man. Fixing that memory leak would make the other easier to deal with. Lagging out and dropping literally 60+ frames while the AI cheats is not fun and it just adds insult to injury.