Fix the inaccurate and wrong car detail from lagacy Forza series

Here is the check list again.

Koenigsegg - center vertical wiper position issue. some racing car has too.
Koenigsegg Regera - the blue model based on pre-production model(chassis #114 Blue). some details and weight is different to final production model. and shift indicator should display ‘D’ not ‘1’
Ferrari 458 Speciale, 488GTB - Active aero(under the rear diffuser) is not working.
Lamborghini Reventon - Active aero(rear spoiler) is not working. even not modeling to moving.
Lamborghini Aventador 700-4 and 750-4 SV - Display is not fit on dashboard. RPM redzone is too low.(it’s low when engine is not warming.)
Lamborghini Veneno - G-meter is malfunction. Display is not fit on dashboard. No dashboard gearshift animation. No red ring painted on tire side.(Centenario has yellow ring painted on tire side.)
W Motors Lykan Hypersport - Reversing lamps are not working. Some accelerate gauge is not working.
Mclaren P1 & P1 GTR - dashboard is nomal drive mode. it’s not wrong but race mode is the best choice for racing game.(like other game) and P1 GTR rear wing is not working. and P1 GTR’s small window should be closed.
Lexus RC F - Head lamp lighting when brake.
Hennessey Venom GT - Rear wing pop up when any speed. It should down when high speed.
Porsche 918 - Active aero(front intake slats) is not working. Magnesium rim is more suit for racing game than standard rim. Gear indicator is missing.
Jaguar XJ220 has 2 left turn signal indicator on dashboard. (No right turn signal indicator)
Bugatti Chiron dashboard has no gear ‘number’ indicator. there is only ‘PRNDS’. not number.

Some car needs more manufacture color and livery.(P1 GTR, Centenario, Regera etc.)

Some non-american car(some Porsche, BMW, Hyundai) has MPH speedometer. Why they are US export spec?
and Some English car(ex:Astom Martin ONe 77) is Left hand Drive. It should be Right hand drive. (Mclaren P1 is exception. this car has LHD model only.)

That’s a long list of things I’ve never noticed so it wouldn’t bother me if it got fixed or not in FH4. The new game looks amazing even if they left all that in.

Don’t hold your breath on that. There are cars in FM7 that still have some of the glitches that were there in FM5. So that’s 5 iterations of Motorsport/Horizon games without some cars being fixed even after being pointed out by the community year after year after year.

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