[FIX]Pad/Controller not detected in game

In case game doesn’t recognize your controller, don’t use the drivers attached with the receiver, use the ones implemented in Windows 10.

Forgive me my English, it’s not my main language. I was translating the menu options, so they may sound differently on your PC.
To do so, plug in your receiver, go to your Windows Device Manager → Find Xbox 360 Peripherials → Right click on it → update device drivers → Browse my computer to find the driver → Let me choose from driver list → be sure to choose “wireless receiver for Microsoft Windows” instead of “xbox 360 wireless receiver version blah blah”. After a popup prompts you if you are sure press yes, then yes again if it asks you to reboot your PC. After rebooting everything worked flawlessly for me.
If you are using the wired pad, just choose pad instead of receiver of course :slight_smile:

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Mods, is it possible that we can get this stickied?

This similar method also works with xbox one controllers as well.

What exactly did you select to get this to work for the XB1 controller? I don’t see anything usable besides the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and the XINPUT compatible HID device.

Uninstall any xbox driver software from programs and features, followed by uninstalling your xbox wireless adapter and the XINPUT compatible HID Device from the Device manager.

Once you get the prompt to restart your computer, Unplug your xbox wireless adapter from your computer before restarting.

After your computer restarts, plug your adapter in and let windows install the device driver automatically.

If this doesn’t work, unplug your xbox wireless adapter, and plug your controller directly into your computer using a compatible USB cord, let windows install the device automatically

With your xbox one controller connected to your computer either directly or through the xbox wireless adapter start Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

Your controller should be working at this point.

Controller works fine wired without me having to have done anything. but not wireless. I’m presuming this is due to how the game searches for controllers and the way the xb1 controller wireless adapter is handled driver wise. Thanks for your help anyway. The way you guys spoke made it as if you got it working under the same conditions (wirelessly). My setup Works in everything I’ve tried but this. Hopefully the developers fix this quickly.

Worked for my controller too! Thanks!


Sorry if this has been posted already but I was unable to find it.

I cannot get my Xbox 360 controller to work with the game. I ahve reinstalled the game, the controller wireless receiver drivers and the controller itself, to no avail.

I got in contact with microsoft live chat, and they suggested using an xbox one controller, which I dont have…

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you