fix multi-class freezing of xbox

was wondering if there is a way to fix the freezing of game and xbox in the multi-class race hoppers if i’m playing a game i don’t want to have to dashboard every few races and i really don’t want to get locked up and have to turn my box off in order to start playing again…(after i start box wait 5 minutes and then game and wait another five minutes then try to find lobby again .hassle hassle hassle) would be nice to get this fixed by turn10 who hasn’t done an update to FM4 in over a year or more

Good question, but unfortunately no answer, bought the game on the instructions did not say that playing online I had to deal with continuous blocks, and my nervous system would lead me to want to throw the xbox out the window …
I just have to give him my compliments!!

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I know what you mean. It’s been doing for a long time now. I figured out that soon as my paintjob doesn’t load up it’s time to quit and go back to the homepage and then join another lobby which is a pain, but seems to reduce my chance of having to turn it off. Even then it still freezes occasionally though. I can’t see it being fixed now.