First public tune (Mazda RX7 '97 C500)

Hi all,

This is my first post here, as well as my first tune which I decided to share :slight_smile: and gather some feedback :wink:
It is tune for Mazda RX7 '97, class C500.
It is not a ‘typical’ tune, as I stayed with stock tires compound and width. Just to have some fun on corners.

I’m looking forward for any feedback.

Well… It seems that I have to do some advertisement to make you interested :slight_smile:

So… This car is fast. It starts from grid almost like 4wd (from 8000 RPM), and keep this awesome accelerating till 4th gear. Just small rocket, so it is better to fasten your seatbelt on your couch :slight_smile:
You also don’t be afraid to take corners, it is good balanced. On fast turns doesn’t go slower then ‘Grip builds’. On slow turns (hairpins), well you cannot have everything, but everything what you have lost on such corner you get returned (with profit) on next few meters after it.

I have won several C League races with this rocket. Top 3 in 90% of them.

Alright, I gave this car a go, let me give you my feedback, and please keep in mind that I am not a “pro” at either tuning nor driving. That being said:

-I really like the front to rear spring balance, the car rotates nicely and seemingly has no tendency to understeer
-The damping seems good in relation to the spring rates. The car doesn’t seem bouncy and doesn’t get too crazy over rumble strips
-The car does have good speed to it, gotta love that about the FD RX-7
-The spring rates overall seem a bit too high for the car considering that it’s running stock tires, I think the high rates are just overwhelming the tires, I would try lowering the rates, both front and rear while trying to maintain the front/rear balance you’ve got going on now
-The car has a huge tendency to lose rear traction, especially when letting off the throttle in a corner, and once it goes, it’s gone. I think this could be improved by softening the rear shock bump and rebound
-Camber settings seem to be good, the tire heat looked quite evenly spread across the width of the tires when I checked it, which to me is usually a decent indicator
-I hate the stock gear ratios of this car, but that’s not your fault :slight_smile:

Getting lift off oversteer?? Try set the decel diff lock abit higher… Say 10+ above what it is now… That should help control it. Over all though not bad.

I have shared update tune, name C500 v1.2
Hopefully some of the problems were fixed