First experience on and offline

Online is garbage. Gonna get that out of the way. It’s mostly little kids thinking they’re playing bumper cars. Nuff said.

Offline is fun, rewards are hi, the AI are more skilled than the players online, it’s just amazing. However, the Porsche you use in the beginning is pathetic in every way thinkable. The race truck in the following race takes corners better, faster and more graceful. In the gt3 rs I felt I was playing ping-pong. I was barely going 50 around a light turn to not run into the wall. This was a bad move giving the players a PORSCHE to use in the first race. Those things are small compact race cars and being small, makes them bad at handling. Explains why the truck was much better.

Enough ranting about Porsche being horrible in every aspect and onto the rewards. Well, I’ve made about a half a million credits already and I just started. Got some cars, but didn’t do too much exploring because it’s laggy and it takes years to download so I wasn’t able to access all the game’s features. So far I’m disappointed in this game. Waiting for Horizon 4 to come around if it’s even a considerable idea. The Horizon games are so much better than the highly over-priced Motorsports games which just…don’t meet expectations. FH3 is awesome though. So much more freedom, no waiting for ten minutes to get into an online race. In FH3, online racing is so much better.

The Motorsports games leave a LOT left to be desired and I feel Turn 10 Studios just threw number 7 together and called it a day.