Fiesta ST, Car pass 6 free cars and other cars?

Hello, New to this, But during my session it said that i had received the Fiesta ST and I can not find this car at all threw out the cars? I do not have this car, there are also other cars threw out the add on’s that i have bought ( i bought them all ) that i can not get for free? Does anyone have this issue other than me? how do i correct it? Also when are the 6 free cars going to be released? PLEASE tell me that they haven’t been released yet, cause i do not have them either… Alright guys give me some help, or perhaps others are having this issue… How do i contact Turn 10?

Go to the message center and right bumper over through the different inboxes and until you see Gifts.

And don`t forget to press “A” to download it, because i forgot that…

The first of the Car Pass cars are not scheduled for release until sometime on Tuesday PST. You won’t need to contact T10 but if ever you do here is the address:

Thanks Everyone, found the fiesta, and glad to hear about the release date for the cars. Hope to see everyone on tracks! feel free to throw some good tunes my way as this is the first forza i’ve owned and i am lost on the tuning.