Ford GT Le Mans #66, can someone help me?!?!?

I’m new here and probably you may think that i’m an imbecile, but I have a question and I hope that somebody can give me an answer. I’ve bought the game 2 days ago, and I’ve noticed that the Ford GT Le Mans #66 car is not available anywhere in the game, can someone tell me why? I’ve read that I need a code from Turn 10 or Ford to download the car for free. Is the code available now, or it was given to the players for a limited amount of time and now there is nothing I can do now? Please help me, I really don’t know what to do!!! Thank you…

The code came from xbox and was sent out about a month ago for people who had played forza 6
Probably missed out now though sinceyou have only just started playing forza 6
Only thing you could try is xbox support since it was xbox that sent the codes

Yeah, you missed out on that promotion buddy - it was for a limited time only for active players. Perhaps there may be another opportunity to obtain it in the offing.

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I saw it listed in the store on Xbox Live as add-on content a few days ago. Did not notice if it was a free download but look there.

Its on xbox marketplace for about $2.

Yep, it’s available on store for $3.

My bad, wrong info in this thread. Ooopppss.


But to the OP, it’s a shame that several cars were made available only for short periods. I hope that in time they might relax the restrictions and alloy purchase of the vehicles at some future date.


think you commented in the wrong thread

BTW the VIP pass is not the same as the CAR pass, it doesnt give you the 6 dlc packs of 7 cars at all
does give you double credits and a VIP car pack

At yes, very true, it gets a tad confusing at times. Great marketing tools though. The VIP Pass has helped me get all the cars by increasing my credits over the last 9 months or so. So that’s been a bonus that’s worked for me.

I would imagine if one was to get the VIP mr bets hip, you’d get the Car Pass as well. As it’s not that much extra, eecially now.


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Sorry… wrong thread.