–FH4 import–

Gears of War.

The original design I entered into PTG’s Horizon 4 Gears livery comp which also turned out to be the winner :grin: Came in handy for some of this week’s Playlist so took some new pics…

Car: 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid
File: Gears of War T6
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This is so damn cool! I love this.

You’ve been busy on here too.

Whitey aka PolizeiYT

Thanks Whitey :grin:
Had a burst of painting right at the start of early access and then settled into the game for a bit. Now I’ve got unfinished wips that need attention so that I can start some new stuff. Only a couple of additions this week….

very cool the Futurama. love it. GG

Thanks mate :grin: that was a lot of work I can promise you!

A couple more designs have gone up, managed to get some time to take H5 pics in between rivals and painting…

– New to H5 –

Porsche Sweden Carrera Cup.

Needed something for this week’s weekly challenge, saw this and thought it looked relatively straight forward. Well it would’ve been but for the warping effect of the wheel arches! Ended up being a real struggle to get the lines to flow from the side to the top of the car, did the best I could and just about feel good enough to share it… just. Also painted a graphic for the roof from a very skewed image which was flipping hard to find by the way, only to discover Forza have this model without a paintable roof! Ugh! Why do they do that?!?!?

Car: 2019 Porsche 911 Carrera S
File: CC Scandi 911 CS
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– New to H5 –

PORTAL - Still Alive.

Such a shame Valve didn’t make more of these! The PORTAL series is right up there in my all time favourite games list. I revisited PORTAL 2 and with the co-op levels it kept me royally entertained during the early part of lockdown/furlough. Originally planned to go on the Hoonigan RS200 but disappointingly the two models don’t actually match (??) and the layout didn’t work.

Car: 1985 Ford RS200 Evolution
File: PORTAL RS200
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– New to H5 –


Came across this by chance while searching some Motörhead related stuff and wanted to paint it straight away. Thought I could get away with using an old Snaggletooth vinyl from a previous design but no….
Some artistic license applied here plus there may be a second design based on one of the Brewery’s other delivery vans… if I ever get the urge :wink:

Car: 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class
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– New to H5 –

Wheels of Steel.

This is actually the first thing I painted in anticipation of the new game. Found some appropriate decals to match the theme of the song and it’s on this car because it’s the closest thing to a “68 Chevy with pipes on the side…” It won’t mean much to most people but I had to have this to go along with the ‘Strong Arm’ album design I made for H4.
Anyway, I like it :grin:

Car: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427
File: WheelsOfSteel427
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My gosh you’ve been busy in the paint booth! Excellent stuff, that one based off of the helicopter is insanely awesome. Keep rockin out those sick paints! Hopefully one day we’ll have Official Livery Comps again because many of yours deserve a Feature in-game!

Thanks TC, actually there’s a separate design that’s based off the helicopter colours but I haven’t managed to snag a TTRS from my Spins yet… might go and buy one as part of the last daily challenge.

Cheers, that’s very kind :beers: I d go further and say that about most of the people posting in this section (and on other platforms). Looking at the submissions in the current weekly Comp, the standard is pretty high so I wouldn’t be all that confident of being one of the chosen 6 in any given week.
Official comps would definitely be a welcome addition as they give more chances for people to place but either way, I’m happy plodding along. Got some new wips, and will probably import a few more depending on what’s needed for the coming season.

90% finished…

70% finished… car/s chosen.

Love the new WIPs, can’t wait to see the liveries.

always on top. Very good job

Thanks as always for the comments guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice work, already using this

See your livery got featured in alies stream too, nice one

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Cheers mate…… really? Blimey, that’s a nice surprise!! :grin:

–FM6 import–

DragonRacing88 Ferrari 458.

Featured in Yaachts weekly livery review, I’ve shared the red version too but haven’t taken any new pics of that one yet

Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
File: DR88 Italia458 Y
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Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
File: DR88 Italia458 R
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–FM6 rework–

GTA V Burger Shot.

Previously only available through the AH…

Car: 2015 Alumi Craft Class 10 Race Car
File: GTA V ALUMI 10
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