FH5 Xbox game pass - Is day 1, November 5th or November 9th?

Bit of confusion here, I was under the impression “DAY 1” was November 5th, but it appears that regardless of being on xbox ultimate or not, its only November 5th if you throw an additional £40 Microsofts way for the premium bundle, otherwise your “DAY 1” is November 9th?

So game pass is behind an additional paywall now is it?

Very disappointed that goalposts are again being moved here.

Buy a premium upgrade for being cool.

That’s not the point is it? If Microsoft is launching a game on Game-pass on day 1 it should do what it says, not throw it behind a paywall.

It isn’t behind a paywall. Official Day 1 is Nov 9

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Yeah well… that’s sleight of hand in my books.

It’s about marketing and skilful use of words. Supposing they said today is the official release day, but everyone who didn’t buy 1st class tickets is a 2nd class player and gets to play four days late. It’s the exact same situation, just with different words. Same with VIP.

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That’s not even close to the same scenario. It’s been well advertised that the launch date was November 9 and you could play early with the Premium edition or add-on bundle.

VIP is the same thing, a clear description of what you are getting before you click the buy button.

There’s no slight of hand or bait and switch, it’s just people not paying attention and expecting Microsoft to fix their own screw-ups, which is becoming typical behavior for this forum.

it literally says launching november 9th in every store and commercial. also as for your “bait and switch” you get about 100$ cad worth of dlc with the premium add ons bundle. its literally the ultimate edition without having to repurchase the game if you have gamepass

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I know it literally says it, that’s my point.

The fact the game is available right now though, proves the actual de facto release date is today.

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No, it proves that people got the early access they paid for.
Sorry you’re so butthurt over it, oh wait, no I’m not.

That escalated quickly. I’m not bothered because I already knew I couldn’t play till next week.

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It’s there, just wait for the release.

Just the ugly face of capitalism unfortunately (and I’m not anti-capitalist). They know they can get thousands of people to pay extra to play a few days early. Forget all the progressive stuff they say to appear cool and support the right causes. It’s ultimately all about the cold hard cash.

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come on peeps, if you want it early you gotta pay.

Ontop of the Premium stating the early access all over the place, Forza has been known to release the game a few days early, FM7 was a full week, to those who bought the most expensive (Premium/Ultimate Edition) version of the game. The official launch, and this “Day 1” is Nov 9th. This is why it is called “early access”.

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The official launch date is the 9th, the people who pay to play early are not really getting much for their extra money. It’s up to them.

So “Coming day one to Xbox Game Pass” is a misnomer basically, as I thought. Day 1 is November 5th not November 9th.

No, as it has been stated multiple times. Day 1 is Nov. 9, not Nov 5. November 5 is early access. You can’t walk into a store or buy FH5 on the Microsoft Store today and expect to be able to play, unless you buy the Premium Edition or add-ons bundle.

Day 1 was never announced to be the 5th.

I’d still say it a major misnomer that in the longrun could bite MS in the butt. I remember when games were only Physical and companies used to be straight by saying "the premium edition comes out on the 5th and the standard on the 9th". But now it would seem that MS desperately needs this catchy Phrase "play it on Day 1 with Game Pass" so it created 2 colorful (and mistaken) ways to refer to these different dates (something perfectly normal) that per se exist since forever. "Early Access" is something totally different to what happened on the 5th, I got early access to Windows 11, my you tuber friend got early access to Far Cry 6 for preview/review purposes, what happened on the 5th for Forza was a proper launch of a commercial product instead (FH5 Premium Edition, which of course was and is for sale for everyone in the world, no restrictions nor special clubs etc) . I say the marketing mambo jumbo has to go, by simply stating things as they really are ("Premium comes out on the 5th, Standard Comes Out on the 9th, oh and GP users align with standards buyers") people will still see the great value in GP without any controversy.