FH5 performance with Xbox One X

we found out that the xbox one fat and s consoles will have 1080p and 30 fps, i have an xbox one x console. i want to know if the one x console will have these 60 fps and 4k?


Is there clarity how FH5 will perform on Xbox One X. The same as FH4 at 4k/30 quality mode and 1080/60 performance mode?


Is X1X even supported? X1S should be so you can get the same mode for sure.

They said Xbox One is supported but not how exactly, more specifically how it will run on the stronger Xbox One X.

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Where did you hear that?

It was said on one of the live streams

Exactly, X1X is dead device and it’s not clear if any support will be in the future games. I am not sure, I didn’t check it because I have XSX since release.

It will be a dead device in 2 years, as there is no X to buy in any official store, we will still be using the old console, I will not spend a penny on the hands of money changers. Microsoft has to solve this urgently, not let its fans down.

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Sounds like I am doomed with my Xbox One X!

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Who knows, check the info. X1S should be part of current Xbox family and Flight simulator should be there over streaming. I never saw anything about X1X anymore but it would be cruel to just cutting it off.

I can’t read that, it’s contradictory.


I would expect the experience on the Xbox One X to be similar to the Xbox Series S. Probably without the raytracing effects in Forzavista, though.


That makes sense, I will wait for some official info on the performance before buying the game just to make sure I won’t be throwing money in the drain with a game that won’t work. Unfortunately the Xbox Series X in South Africa is just too expensive. It is the equivalent of $850.

Realistically we can expect a minimum of 1080p at locked 30fps on Xbox One consoles; Xbox One S is unlikely to go above this. I think 4K 30fps is doable for Xbox One X, though 1080p 60fps might be a stretch, depending on how willing they are to fully optimise a last-gen version of the game.

Either way though, it’s needlessly cynical to expect ‘a game that won’t work’. At worst you get standard quality for a last-gen Forza.

That makes sense. Thanks!

if you get 1080p and 60 fps i will be happy for that too. I’ll buy a series x later, maybe 1-2 years, but now the one x console is enough for me. Thank you for your answers!

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Does anyone know if Forza Horizon 5 will run at 60fps on the xbox one x?