FH5 DLC: Italian Exotics Car Pack | August 2023

@fuchs171 - yeah that would annoy the heck out of me too. If it’s a cloud bug then i hope they are investigating it because, as you quite rightly point out, why should we pay and they get it free.

You may just get them ‘free’ while playing on cloud however they won’t be usable on PC \ Xbox.

Source: I’ve got the OPI Edition Ford & 32 Ford in my garage from playing on cloud. Can’t use them on PC where I mainly play.


If you play via cloud you’ll have access to everything.
Or your friends are doing home console sharing where only one person needs to buy it.

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Luck for me i had a £5 xbox gift card with my xbox points so all i had to do is pay £3 for the pack

I was able to do that with the 1st car pack. Now I’m not sure if I should immediately buy it or wait for a discount. It’s only a few months away to Black Friday. Who knows they’ll discount the pack then. In FH4 they also had discounts for the DLC packs:

try cdkeys

I play on Xbox Series X. Does that even work?

yes https://www.cdkeys.com/

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Exactly. They already stated at launch that these items will be given in premium edition n you’ve got everything. Now they want to add new cars as paid dlcs. They didn’t say then that nothing will be released in future or if anything comes out it will be free. So don’t complain, if u like it, buy it. Tbh we’ve already got a lot for free.
Its true that we’ve not got anything new for free in this update…maybe mc20 n new countach should have been given as playlist reward.

not bought it yet but now you write about spending 20 minutes looking for that option I get the impression that it is more difficult to find in H5 compared with other Horizon and Motorsport titles, I spent time looking with the last car pack, almost as if it wasn’t there then appeared after a day or two when I looked again

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That Essencza SCV12 is pretty good in S2 class. I built one up and took it to Wetland Charge street race rivals and got it to around #276 right off the bat. Its not as crazy fast as the Mosler or McLaren F1 GT, but its handling is superb. The brakes were only required 4 times. I left about a second out there and i think it could stand less rear downforce and still be able to be taken flat out in all but those 4 places, but i dont think itll be the best S2 car anywhere. Still, i think its probably this car pack’s most competitive. Thanks to the new 2000 car garage limit, i went ahead and bought 6. Horizon still has a lot of stuff id like to change, but i have more good things to say about Horizon 5 than ive had to say about a Horizon game in while.


I completely agree with this … because that was me accidentally signed in with the wrong email. Cheers.

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After having driven and tuned every car of the pack I have to say from a performance perspective it’s not a must-have.
The SCV12 is arguably the best of the pack and decent for S2. Awesome grip, tons of aero but just too heavy to compete with the AWD meta. Don’t know why it didn’t get a weight reduction upgrade. Realism is nowhere to be found in S2 anyways (850kg Diablo GTR sends its regards). The engine & especially downshift sound of the SCV12 are pure music. Big compliment to the sound designers!

The 296 GTB & Huracan are okay as Racing V12, AWD, full front aero, Rallye tires cars on S1. Nothing outstanding. The original Huracan and the STO are better than this one. The 458 Speciale & 488 GTB are at least equal to the 296.

The SC20 is a big disappointment. It has weak lateral g values. Certainly behind the Aventador SV, SVJ or Centenario. It looks unique & exclusive though.

The Huracan race car has good tires (Slicks+ with +0.2 on Race tires) but the power/weight ratio leads to a terrible acceleration on S900. If detuned to Rallies with the Racing V12 it simply becomes like an ordinary build. Quite fun as ultra-grip car but no competition for the handling meta.

The Roma feels like your typical modern GT car. Unnecessary low amounts of lateral g. Like the Aston Martin DBS SL or the McLaren GT. Whatever car template PG uses for these GT cars. Stop it, please!
Not even the Racing V12, AWD, Rallye tires, full front aero (has no “Supercar” front aero) formula can save this one.

But the worst here is the DaVinci. No useable detune for A800 (only with Offroads but it’s laughably bad) and completely out of place at S900. Couldn’t even do a sub 2:30 on Copper Canyon. I absolutely love the design of it and was waiting for it since Hot Wheels. I was sure it at least get a surely slow A800 Rallye tires detune. A complete write-off. Shame on you, PG. @JingleJangleJoe is more than capable of judging a car reliably. Let him test stuff before release and manually adjust garbage like the DaVinci.


I’ve not tested all of them but the SCV12 is a beast at S2 998 with AWD. The Huracan Tecnica is good at S1 900 with AWD and aero. The 296 is top at S1 900 even without aero. It just needs slicks and AWD.

P.S. Who ever puts rally tires on such cars should be shot on sight (figuratevly spoken) IMO. :sunglasses:

Well….your opinion counters most META builds in S1. As much as I agree that rally tires on road is silly, I just so happens that they are the most effective when trying to squeeze in weight drop upgrades or CSC add-ons.

As for the DaVinci, tried a non-aero CC build in A class. Best I could do is 1:54 on Oasis CC (my test track). What a waste….might try an aero build but top speed drag rating is only 199 mph. Current non-aero build top speed is 220 mph but 2nd gear is messed up with the cars drag rating.


My findings exactly. That SC20 by far, has the weirdest aero/drag numbers I’ve seen. Have to really shorten 6th gear just to get a decent acceleration.

It’s a weird one indeed. Front aero is ~50% stronger than rear. Front aero is very expensive, so you want to use max. To balance it rear aero has to be nearly full. As a result it’s extremely slow.
Thus, most builds use full weight reduction and no front aero. To counter understeer rear aero has to be set to minimum. Then, the car suffers through the turns. The Centenario has no aero, way less drag and still better handling.
Lack of mechanical lateral g seems to be a theme of the pack.
The aero values are top notch.

Btw, I don’t know if this is actually true or if it just looks like it but to me it seems like the front wheels (rims) of the 296 are larger than the rear ones. The game says both are 20". It could be that it’s just the different tire size (height of the sidewalls) that gives that impression but I’d say they are actually 21".

I think there is a mistake on the 2023 Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica. it says 2022 on it.

I didn’t even know there was a 2022 model of the Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica. All i’ve found was 2023 for it on google.

Could we maybe get a fix for this? or was the 2022 correct for it?


forget joe, hire rayne to test these cars