FH5 DLC: Italian Exotics Car Pack | August 2023

No you don’t. There’s a button at the bottom that will say redeem free cars after you bought it. It’s the 3 horizontal lines button. All the Alfa’s, Lancia’s and Fiat’s you will have to do one at a time.

I should clarify somewhat. You need to do this at any home or Horizon Festival location, The Buy & Sell tab and Car Packs.

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I used the Car Collection screen since I am stupid and didn’t think to use what @FullCafLizard suggested. Still much easier than the Autoshow.

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Well, first up for me was the #63 huracan ST.

As others have stated, it can be dropped to S1 with AWD and max rear tire width. Most effective for S1 road circuits.

A rally tires + Ferrari V12 swap speed build is possible but it loses some mechanical grip. Maxed out at about 207 mph TS with the rally tire set-up.

Lambo Essenza SCV12 is as advertised. No engine swap. Can only be de-tuned with drag/snow tire. Don’t recommend doing that here.

Tweaking the down force a little resulted in a 240 mph TS. Still, wouldn’t use this car outside of road courses. Still can’t compete with the usual META v12 swapped race cars. Nice sound to it and a nice exterior/interior design.

Edit: Lambo SC20 suffers from the same problem as the Sian roadster. Has to be swapped to the same old Ferrari V12 + rally tires to be effective.

I will say it has more mechanical grip than the Sian but I had to do some very odd gear tuning to counter the very bizarre drag on the car. Got about 211 mph TS out of it. Front aero adds a lot of PI as well. Odd default aero values.

It looks great….I’ll give lambo that but should be better than it is. Weakest in the pack for me.

Huracan technica is definitely the worst huracan but still somewhat competitive. Sadly it’s also the heaviest with full race weight drop + AWD….or at least close to the heaviest.

Very average for its class/group. Still more useful than the SC20. Haven’t tried off-road builds yet.

my opinion counts for little but I would like to express my thoughts.
I had FH3/FH4/FH5 for PC and FH5 is the first one I bought the “premium edition” and compared to 3 and 4 I find myself with one less DLC pack (Hot Wheels already seen in 3) and with car packs to pay.
something wrong…
having said that, I spent 80Euro+ and I don’t spend any more money.

Had only time yesterday to look into the Roma and DaVinci.
Roma felt poor on S900 and the A800 detune on Rallies… we won’t talk about that.
Then I hopped into the DaVinci and saw it’s not detuneable to A800.
This thing on S900?

Went to bet instead of being frustrated.

Ferrari 296 GTB is fun, looks great and has a nice sounding engine……but still suffers from typical in-game turbo lag issues.

Got a decent rally tire + front + rear aero + race weight drop build with the stock motor but you’re still better off with the 4.7 V12 Ferrari swap as usual. The car has a nice default understeer/oversteer balance so it has that going for it. Not much better than most other cars in it’s class, from initial testing.

Lol….wow. Gotcha. Haven’t gotten to those yet.

Wow, sadly the DaVinci has to be on slicks + one front tire width to reach S1 900. Brakes add too much PI.

Drag limited to 200 mph no matter how you tune the gearing / aero…yikes. Not good.

For me A class CC/dirt sprint is an option (and actually the spot I wanted to use it, TBH). Still, too much wasted PI on stuff I typically don’t want to add.

I didn’t know where to post this. I didn’t want to clutter up the forum so I didn’t create a new thread. I’ve seen for a long time that Forza players all they can do is COMPLAIN. The developers don’t add new cars: WRONG, developers add new cars: WRONG because they could be different. They complain that the new add-on costs $10 without taking into mind that it is one of the best car packs in Forza history. But of course bad because: “We bought the most expensive version of the game and we should have this for free!”. When you bought it, it clearly wrote what the premium edition would contain, at the time the developers themselves might not have known yet that they would be release out some extras beyond the premium version. 10$ is nothing these days, it’s enough to refuse yourself a few beers with your mates at the weekend or a packet of cigarettes. And some of those complaining probably play CS or LOL and buy skins for horendous amount of money, but that’s ok. “But cars like this should be free!” - that’s why the developers add such cars to the packs to encourage you to buy them, but after all, no one is forcing you to do so. They’re complaining that there’s another version of the Huracan in the pack again. That’s what games like this are all about: having the widest possible choice of cars in different versions. Just because you weren’t waiting for the Lambroghini Huracan Tecnica doesn’t mean that someone wasn’t waiting for it because they just like the look of it. In my opinion, there will be a time for every car, you just have to wait because nobody can satisfy everyone at once. I’m happy with any car the developers add (paid or free), if I don’t like it I just don’t drive it, but I know someone else will have fun with it. I must admit that a few years ago I myself posted on this forum that the developers should add more cars from the 21st century because nobody is interested in old cars. Now I don’t subscribe to that, because I am of the opinion that a game like Forza should unite, not divide. It should unite car fans for whom sometimes the only option to interact with their dream car is to play the game. Please have a little more understanding and patience.


fh3 ultimate edition didn’t include the expansions and about 5 of the car packs
there has never been a premium/ultimate edition of forza that has included everything
fh4 had 1 car pack that wasn’t included
this is only the 2nd in fh5 not included
it specifically states what is actually included before you purchased the premium edition
read what you actually are paying for
anything extra that you don’t have to pay for is a bonus

don’t like it don’t buy it…if you bought everything separately you would be paying a lot more


I don’t know. I bought a special discounted bundle on the Microsoft Store for FH3 and FH4 and it included both expansions for each game. I do miss the Hoonigan cars and some others like the Chevrolet Vega GT etc. In FH4 I only miss 6 Hot Wheels cars but I think I’m thinking of buying those anyway. Not sure about the missing cars in FH3, not sure if those are still for sale??

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wasn’t there, I don’t know

Yes I admitted to having different views before, this comment was half opinion half joke. It never bothered me that they added these cars, I just don’t use them. What I wrote above are just my observations, I only wrote it because maybe someone will look at it differently than you and change their mind, although I am not forcing anyone to do so.

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@T10ManteoMax i hate tel this but. I purchase car pack witn by Xbox Store credits, and unfortaly some of my friends and other players on Social Medis get acesse dlc cars free,without spend nothing.

And now, what ypu guys will do?

No one is getting them for “free”…through cheating maybe, but not given to them by Forza for “free”…

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2 of my friends get it, and others are saying car pack are include ultimaste version because they get too

@fuchs171 - i have Ultimate and i can tell you right now you need to buy the pack to get them. Maybe your friends can enlighten you as to where exactly they got them for free because GamePass doesn’t give you it free and Ultimate pack doesn’t give you it free and i haven’t seen any promo by Forza where they are giving them away free…i don’t doubt you when you say they reckon they got them for free, i just have a hard time trying to believe it.

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@wwwREXwww they dont know, maybe a cloud bug, i know they play by cloud. I am a Ultimate player and I purchase car pack, and thats why i want know whats now? Its frustating buy something and others get acess free

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