FH5 Community Choice Series: help design a future Festival Playlist!

FH5 Community Choice Series

Playground Games is calling on you, the Forza community, to help design an upcoming series Festival Playlist in Forza Horizon 5!

We have three opportunities to participate this week:

The deadline for each of these opportunities is is Monday, September 25 at 10am Pacific / 17:00 UTC (localized to your time zone: Monday, September 25, 2023 5:00 PM)

We’re not taking any voting or design submissions in this thread - be sure to use the links above!


Survey filled out. Thanks for this. It’s nice to have at least some input.

Eventlab choice was too hard so referenced my own. :rofl: I’m loving the 3 eventlabs per week, for sure.

There’s so many road and dirt tracks now (several 100’s in fact). There’s got to be a way to implement these in horizon open, considering drivatars showed up in one of the eventlabs. Clearly things are possible for open.


I’ll find some good pr stunts! This is gonna be AWESOME!!

Actually, for me there hasn’t been enough drift zone playlist PR stunts, but that’s because I actually enjoy it… :joy:….I know a lot of people don’t but I could help out with tunes, if needed.

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I know some people who could help with designs!

Probably not a popular choice but I chose more seasonal championships over eventlabs because that gives me more tuning opportunities.

On the other hand, I chose the most popular options for the weather during the Trial-Fog, Gale and Heavy Rain.:upside_down_face:


Filling out that survey, what caught me eye was a list of rare cars being added back to the auction house. That would be a great idea. They said pick 10 out of about 12, so it looks like we might have a good idea of how thats going to turn out. Since a lot of choices are narrow, what i like is that its a little heads up to whats coming. Ideally i like to suggest something like an A class modern rally trial on dirt circuits with 5 laps races, but giving us a more narrow choice in mostly multiple choice form is probably easier to do something with.

this is good but I don’t feel I can contribute; for nearly all the questions I really don’t mind but it’s forcing an answer for all of them, which feels too wrong to do in order to give the answers I do want to give

I’m a bit puzzled by the “which xxx do you want to see return as a reward in the playlist” questions when there are a number of items that have never appeared

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I feel the same, they should have a choice of none of the above instead of forcing a choice. You can’t even leave a question unanswered otherwise it won’t let you submit. The only question I actually liked the look of was which cars would you like to see added to the autoshow but even then the cars on the list aren’t what I would have liked to see. Does show they are looking into adding cars to the autoshow though

It’s an interesting move on the part of PGG. But just like their surveys it’s swayed. But swayed towards setting up a playlist according to a pick and choose list. Some of the lists could have used some extra answer choices such as none of the above, or some similar selection. Or just maybe a wider choice of selections. More depth. It seems kind of directed towards a setup situation.


I propose they replace every event on the playlist with Trials :slight_smile:

Emotes and clothing as required questions :skull:


What I feel about emotes and clothing…

Needs another category selection for those of us with no opinion.

Options to add your own share code? For this or that? No. 100 people do the survey you get 100 different share codes and that part is a waste.

Give us 10 of something to vote on. Just like thr cars. But with cars, there should be a much wider selection of cars. Maybe even more of the newer rarer cars to select for inclusion in various aspects of the playlist.


@AntMoose9513 , Not a viable solution but adding a second trial would be a good option.

No mention of putting more of an incentive to play horizon arcades anywhere in the survey :frowning:
Whenever there’s a weekly or daily challenge requiring completing an arcade, I always get excited to have arcades be relatively populated for a few days.
I’d take more arcade incentives over anything I just voted for in the survey.


@enf0o , arcades would have been a great choice to have in one of the lists. Id take these over eliminator 10 to 1. I never play eliminator unless forced into it for a special car. Or I absolutely need the extra points.

Eliminator. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Started completing the survey, got to the first question and thought - surely the Mini Cooper 65 FE has to be on the list and no it is not :rage:


I did the survey once answered only the questions I was interested in. It wouldn’t accept the survey. So the second time, on the odd questions out, I just selected the first or first two answers. So just do the survey that way. At least we as players get some input.

:clown_face::bison::clown_face: I watched the video in the opening post of this thread. Now I feel so childish and literally deceived for taking part in this. And if I were to state my feelings further I’d probably get a 3 day or longer ban.

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