FH5 became laggy 1 day after installing

Bug Info: FH5 online session
Platform: PC Steam
Edition: Standard
Account: Solo account
PC GPU: GTX 1660 SUPER last driver update on 3rd of March 2024
Peripheral: DS4
Settings: Graphics on High
Xbox Settings: -
Attempted fixes: rebooted, reinstalled, scanned PC for viruses, scanned through steam for broken files etc. (all the basics from many many tutorials from youtube)
Content Update: Last few days

Hi guys,
Recently I came back to FH5, installed it on Steam, was running perfectly on high-ultra settings. 60FPS no lags whatsoever.
Day later I come back from work, try to run the game and it just became incredibely low on FPS, 30-40 is maximum.
I tried everything from checking for driver updates, reinstalling the game, scanning the viruses, tried some of the youtube tutorial methods.
It seems like the game broke down by itself and won’t ever become silky smooth.

I am not able to provide any more information because im clueless guys.

Has any of this happened to you? What was your solution?