FH5 Announced tomorrow?

There is a rumour that FH5 will be announced tomorrow at E3. I just saw a similar game trailer… not sure if it was FH5, it looked like Mexico.

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We shall see tomorrow

Hopefully the rumours about it being set in Mexico are wrong.

You want Japan, don’t you? Well, it may not happen.

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We all want Japan but FH6 will probably be the smarter move and FH5 Mexico can give them time to learn the limits of running the game on the Series consoles. Finding how far they can push the system before giving us the holy grail

I really hope that rumours about Forza Horizon 5 are fake. Forza Horizon 4 have thousands of active players, why release new game when new DLC can be better option? It’s not fair for owners of this game
If any Forza will be announced in next days, I wish it’s Motorsport 8 because 7 was released almost 4 years ago

FH5 will have all the active players of FH4, so it will be the same.


FH4 has already had a longer than expected life cycle. And each time they twiddle with it, they seem to break more stuff. I think it’s time to move on to the next thing. It will keep the franchise active until they are ready to release Motorsport on the new game engine next year.

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what’s not fair… fh4 is over 2.5 years old now
content support usually would have ended after 12 months, its already 18 months past that
just because some people waited over 2 years to buy it doesn’t make it not fair
most people who bought at launch are bored of it and need something new
fh3 still had quite a lot of players when fh4 was released, only 2 years later

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I would be happy with Mexico, a redo of Western USA, sourthern USA, etc.

II do not want any part of one based in Japan. Any Horizon based in Japan will be a hard pass from me.

To be honest, I would rather have more Legoland, and more Hot wheels than anything set it Japan

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It’s on now!!! Looks Good! Released Nov 9th. Mexico.

Convertible roof raises in freeroam.

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Ohhhhh yeeaahhhhhh! Bring on November!

I don’t know why they moved this thread, it was an important thread.

I’m guessing this means the live service garbage will still be present.

Hopefully they’ve learnt lessons from FH4 and we don’t have near on unplayable MP + no option for individual online racing at launch again.

I won’t be holding my breath though, live service games never ever release in a good state regardless of developer or franchise.

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I just want ranked to be fixed so people can’t cheat up the table, that goes for teams and solo. I miss playing teams when it wasn’t broken. Harsher punishments for rammers or a more sensitive ghosting system, wall penalty improvements. Lots of us get punted into the wall and get slowed down.

And finally do something about the disconnect issue. Hasn’t happened to me much since jumping to Series X but I have friends who still haven’t upgraded and its a mess for them.

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Wouldn’t bet on it DRC, Horizon’s becoming less and less about the racing with each iteration, it seems to be more about mass market appeal than anything else now, everyone gets a little bit of something but nobody gets anything substantial.

The Eliminator returning suggests PG are probably going to give it another go in wanting most of the competitive play to take place within that, I’d guess that will get plenty of support + encouragement while the old-fashioned normal online racing will be just a dollop of ‘There you are that’s all you’re getting, take it or leave it’.

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I certainly can’t argue the mass market appeal point. Characters are back with more emotes and clothes too lol and we did get more rims. They do listen to the community just not when it comes to game location or fixing known issues within the game ie: exploits.