I’ve bought the FH4 Ultimate Edition and been playing it well on my gaming PC and XPS 15 9570. But after installed the latest updates (10/Oct/2018) they are both dead now. It simply failed to load!!! I wonder if anyone facing the same issue?

Same here.

Crash to desktop in the main menu.

i have the same problem and this time i cant find any solution for it. I mean when i pay 130$CAD for a game i want it just to start

Try to turn your internet off and see if it boots.

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its the same for My Xbox one x cant even open it now

Hope this helps in some way, I haven’t opened it since yesterday evening and I can’t open it now since I’m at work. So I cannot say if it works for me or not.

same boat xbox one x will not even load game.

I have the same issue on my PC.
It loads to the main menu. After clicking on continue it crashes….
I will try to reinstall it - I hope that this will help.

There’s a big thread in the support section about it, it’s screwed up a lot of peoples games and apparently needs reinstalling to get it to work.

I downloaded system update and it works now.

my issues after updates:

The game did not start, I had to reinstall (download 64gb!)

Game closes alone with no error message

I can not optimize the game to play with 60 fps and vsync ON