FH4 The Seasonal Completion Percentage

At the start of the day, I was at 48% completion. I completed the daily challenge, and I completed the Rail Yard Jump which brought me to 50% completion. All I have been doing is building up my skill points and did 3 live sessions including the one that crash for me. I just looked at my completion and I am at 55% I have not completed the other 2 stunts and have not done a Winter Playground. Oh, I did a winter rival, but was unable to beat, and quit the event after 5 or more laps around the track. The challenge was already completed at the start of the season. Could those additional laps I did added to the completion?

The rail yard is 6% toward the season. Each of the other stunts are too. With the daily completed 55% sounds correct.

The monthly rivals hasn’t been counting toward completion so I haven’t done it much. I think I did it this series or last to check.

Ah what do I know. I thought it was only 1%. I took someone’s advice about doing the Trials at the start of the season, and it worked. Better players at the start and the worse ones at the end. I still had trouble and came in last or did not finish. Took quite a few times. Hopefully I can get better and be up there with the leaders instead of at the tail end. When we won one player must have quit right from the start. Luckily, we won the 1st 2 and got creamed by about 2,000 pts the last race. So, I guess even though you get outscored just as long as you win 2 races you win. Did you do the Ice Rink? 1st race wasn’t too bad, but the 2nd one was a bear. I kept changing cars and tunes, and finally got 2nd after about 30 tries. So hard to pick up the race line in the snow especially off road and the wide turns. The Dragstrip I came in 6th, and still got the championship, I was surprised by that, but I’ll take it. Beggers can’t be choosy. I can’t believe The Grocery Run was a piece of cake pretty much especially the 1st race. I just picked a car one I haven’t driven, straight stock, and won by a huge margin. At least I got a Backstage Pass. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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I did the ice rink. In race 2 I just ran a stock Deberti f150. I think it may have made it easier since it was at the bottom of the pi class.

I had a Subaru Legacy for the other championship. Not the best tune but I still enjoy the lower performance classes.

The trial is best of 3 races. Keep at it. It takes practice along with finding the right cars and tunes. It’s been fun most times.

Happy new year to you too!

What is this green dot with the LB that keeps popping up on the screen. I press the button, but nothing comes up. One time I went to the full map, and if there is something on the map, I could not find it.

I think it’s when someone creates a coop or pvp event


I tried to search it, but could not find anything on it? This is how dumb I am. Is there actually a car manufacture called Hooginan or is it just a certain car type?

Hoonigan is a company started/led by Ken Block. He’s a race/rally driver that’s made some videos. Search for gymkhana on YouTube. Being aware or knowledgeable about things like this is truly not relevant to intelligence though.

Sorry to be a bother. I am 71% Season Completion my best yet. How can I get the other 29%, and I know I will get 1% for the Daily Challenge tomorrow? Thanks for the info about Hoonigan I did not know it was a car until I started playing Forza. There is a local radio station which has the Hoonigan hour on Sundays which plays Irish Rock bands.

He passed away yesterday from a snowmobile accident.

So the monthly rivals hasn’t been contributing like it is supposed to so tmk the highest completion is 94%. To get there you have to complete everything in the season list. What do you have left in the list?

Just the last Daily and the Playground. I figured I have to do those, but how many of those events would I have to do? Can I scatter the events, or do they have to be from just one? I have never done one of these events?

I’m wondering if you’re missing/forgetting the Monthly Rivals and Online Adventure (both farthest right). Can’t recall if they require a qualifications/leveling up first or not. Not sure how many points they’re worth off hand either.

If you’re new to Rivals don’t sweat it :slight_smile: It’s 1 vs 1 against a “ghost” car time. I think initial rivals usually starts easy, some were even ridiculous. Like beat 1 hour and some minutes for a 3 minute race. If your rivals time is several minutes or more just take the race easy, avoid collisions to keep it clean, and even park up near the finish line to save some meat on the rival time for next time if you want lol. Just wait until your time is nearly up, a nice 30 second or more cushion then cross the finish line. You’ll get a feel for how close to cut it :wink:

Online Adventure does require some kind of qualification to get into but it’s also pretty easy and usually fun iirc. Give it a shot.

Both of those (again iirc) count points for the whole month so doing them early is best. There’s always next month :+1: Rivals used to be 4pts each season just for doing it the first season, easy points. Online Adventure I can’t recall for sure. I think it might be a win to advance and loss is a step back ? Something like that, for the rewards. For the points I think it’s just do the qualification step and you’re good.

I imagine WhiteBurrito42 will be along to correct and clarify :slight_smile: They’re doing a great job with the info for you !


Oh yeah, Playground Games. Pretty easy. Participation only, win not needed (iirc, pretty sure, unless it’s changed).

It’s a best of five , 6 vs 6 player teams (sometimes less, sometimes players leave mid match). Various “games” : Flags (try to score on your turn to run with, defend/block on your other turn), Survivor (zombies infect vs survivors healing, again turns as zombie team), Kings or whatever it’s called. Some on team have Crowns, with a slowdown after a bit, pass the Crown to teammates if able, avoid having it stolen by collision with opponent. And ? what am I forgetting ? Maybe that’s it ? All I recall off hand and supper calls :smiley:

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You’re just missing games and monthly ranked. Ranked counts 15% for each season. So you still have just over a week to do that and have it apply retroactivly to the seasons in currrent series.
I’d do the free for all ranked. You’ll have to do a few unranked sessions to get to level 3 and unlock the ranked option. Look at the “online” menu option.

Ranked was decreased from 18% to 15% after they added the photo challenge.

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Oh, I know about the rivals. I think I told you that the Monthly Rival Challenge was already completed at the start of the season. I have done a few rivals, and I have done a few of The Goliath rivals. One of them I did about 20 laps. Directly underneath it is the online adventure Series 56, 8 days remaining, so I guess that is what you are referring to? The first 3 squares on all are filled in, and 2 of them have all 4. I have not been able to collect any of the rewards, so I guess I have to have all the squares filled. There is so much to do, I keep forgetting about the online adventures. I have just been doing solo except for the live sessions. OH, why do I keep getting Alert Notifications when I am just idle for a few minutes? After I press the X button a window pops up with a detailed description about live has failed, and I need to let support know and it gives an error code, but I never have, and I just click on Back to Solo. I have know idea what this is about.

There’s lots of good information here. I’m glad there’s more than me looking at the fh4 threads.

Regarding participating in ranked events, it does not require winning. I usually just focus on racing clean and finishing. The free for all racing events have been the easiest for me to find a session for recently.

Playground games are a contact sport but basically tag/keep away in cars. I tend to tune cars for it or use a cross country or dirt tune. This week is SUVs and most should do well enough stock. I’ve played a few times and have seen them be competitive.

Sometimes we get kicked out of sessions. If you go to the Horizon(?) tab and select Horizon Life you should be able to get into a new freeroam session. I think it’s the second tab, maybe.

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Ah. I missed that. :+1:

As for the disconnect thing, I seem to recall it annoyingly popping up time to time. No fix that I remember, just lived with it and grumbled. I think sometimes I’d start or switch to Solo then start a fresh Life session might have helped. Might have just been crossing my fingers lol.

I just came into the game about 20 minutes ago. I have been doing skills which was at 961 pts available, and the game just crashed. Started the game again, checked my skill pts which should have gone up a few pts, I had 2 or 3 runs over 100,000 X5. My pts is still at 961. I know the game is cheating me out of my skill pts. I have been doing sills the last few days because I want to reach 1,000 pts. The cars I am using I am getting some very good 2-wheel skills, but they are not being added to my pts, and not even showing up under the skill fill bar as Great etc. It seems as if the 2-wheel skills have disappeared from the game.

Yep, the game does occasionally steal skill points. Or seem to anyway. And reset runs for no reason. If you don’t see it banked there’s no guarantee the game will give it. Nothing magical about 999 Skill Point total anyway :slight_smile: (as was pointed out to me, it’s 999 not 1000 :wink: ) but I can see wanting to hit the target :+1: …at least once :wink:

Can’t say about 2-Wheel skills, never got much of them or tried. My go-to for skill runs are Drift and E-Drift with collision skills thrown in for bonuses, slaloming up and down the drag strip on the beach by the castle. No hazards or traffic to worry about messing up the chain and the ends are far enough apart to regenerate the little lane markers for constant collision points.

And you can use the drag race start there for the… “shortcut” to bank the chain faster (some might call it an exploit, works anywhere you can find an event start). Just get the “Press X To Start” (or equivalent) to pop up, hit the X then hit the B to back out and you don’t have to wait for the game to tally up all the skills it’s been totaling. Instant bank and back at the chain building.

But you might already know all that or will find your own favorite area and method based on specific car and skills.

I was going to ask this question, what is the best skill area, and you answered it, the castle. Once in a while I do them at the airstrip, and I just discovered you can get a lot of Open Road there. I just found out that the skill pts are Maxed at 999. The video I recently watched this guy had like 4 or 5 thousand, and it was FH4. Is this guy a privileged character? I don’t get it. I noticed too that the score is running up and it just stops. I have watched videos for getting the sign on top of the stack of pipes at Munkicker’s, and I can’t get it to save my life. All the videos I watched only show getting it from the ramp that is open. I am using the ramp with the 3 pipes, and I have figured it out, except it is almost impossible to get the desired angle coming off the ramp. I can’t even get the sign where you come out of the woods on Treasure Island.