FH4 Hourly Forzathon Event Was The Best Way To Get Promo Pics

Now hardly anyone does the arcade events getting a bunch of promo pics can be tough.

Best way to get promo pics is drag races. When you need photos of certain vehicles, look up each vehicle’s class and stock PI. Configure another vehicle in that class to the same PI or a few points higher and do a drag race. Repeat as necessary.

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True, and when promo was added to fh4 there were groups in free roam that would sit in one spot and switch out cars. Take a picture and get 10+ cars, change your car and get another 10 and repeat. I think I got most in the first day or two this way.

The shop has expensive spins, horns and a Range Rover that’s in the autoshow. I don’t get why anyone wants to honk 5 times or smash 50 piñatas. I’m definitely not part of the target audience.

Edit:: Is there any reason to do the promo in fh5? Fh4 had the Portofino and 911.

Beyond the Accolade points you get? Nope, none at all…once you get the 500 Promo Shots accolade stuff, it is even less pointless going further as you don’t get anything at all.

I found the best way for Promo shots (without resorting to the Drag races) is to switch to Solo Mode and just drive around…the drivatars drive everything. Only car I had any trouble with was the Ford Coupe Forza Edition due to it being a controller purchase exclusive but there are Super7 events for that one

I got most of mine both while driving around doing various things, and at the beginning of races. I got over 500 without really trying.

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Street Scene races are also good for promo. Just start the race, take a pic and quit. Repeat.

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Also if you ever do the ‘win a race with x car’ in the race type accolades its a good way to do 2 jobs at once

Hope I do not upset anyone but how do you photograph the following?

All Traffic cars as they do not and never have registered in FH4 & 5.
The Flat back lorry and the VW Vocha Taxi as they are in game vehicles that you cannot purchase.
The required 2 or 3 VW Vocha 1963 when there is only one in the whole game.
Plus the bugged ones that you photograph but not register.

I have well over 525 done but my Promo keeps asking to do the impossible and get things that you cannot do!

Is there a race that someone has made or a Super 7 card?

Any help would be mightily appreciated as I want to complete the whole lot as I did in FH4?