Promo pictures

Since there is so many pictures you have to take, anyone have any tips to find certain cars?

Change your car, the drivatars tend to drive the same class cars as you so if your looking for a hypercar get in a hypercar or set up a blueprint race with the required car class

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Make a blueprint race and select the cars you need at car themes. Press rb multiple times to reach Custom. Select the cars there. Make sure you also select the car you want to drive yourself. Also keep your eyes open when freeroaming. Cars needed will have a camera icon above the name.

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Every time I start a race with a new car I’ve never raced with or in a specific class or blueprint that I’ve never done, I break out the camera mode and snap a couple shots. Sometimes you can get an instant 8 to 10 new cars right away. Also whenever you change your car, many drivatars in freeroam will change as well. When you see their icons coming be ready with the camera. This gets you rare cars as well. As said above, blueprint races are an easy way too.


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This is pretty much what I did. I’d just change classes a lot and every time I started a race, I’d take a couple of quick shots (one of the cars in front of me, one of the cars behind). Just after the start of the race is the perfect time since all of the cars are bunched together.

Note that some cars are just the random non-drivatar traffic in the game. These will not get a camera icon, so you’ll just have to be vigilant. I’ve also noticed that just after a DLC pack is released I’ll see a LOT of the DLC cars driving about.