FH4 End of Life

Just so everyone knows, Forza Horizon 4 is currently on sale for about 60% off and the sale ends on its four-year anniversary. That means that it’ll be going off of the store that day due to the four-year licensing. So if you’re using Game Pass, better buy the game now.

It’s kind of weird that PGG haven’t announced anything concerning their most popular game being taken off the store.

Didnt they say FH4 will be in store more than usual 4 years ?

Honestly it’s felt like they abandoned it months ago so no surprise here that nothing has been announced.

“…better buy the game now.”

No. Given the state of it and total lack of interest in it by the devs, again for months now, I see no point in suggesting anyone buy it, even at 60% off, at this point. Now, IF there had been even the slightest hint of support in the last while MAYBE it would still have some play value going forward past EOL (official EOL, not this obvious neglectful EOL by default through disinterest).

If I haven’t deleted it before it leaves the store and Game Pass I will then, and all the paid DLC I bought. The only reason I haven’t already is a long and fast dwindling hope that maybe they’ll fix it. IF they do before the sale ends then I MIGHT see some value in buying it.

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Hey everyone, no need to worry, we’re not planning on delisting Forza Horizon 4 anytime soon!


Cool! Any idea why?

It’s curious that all previous games have been delisted with the explanation of licensing issues, but this one isn’t. I wonder what changed.

All we can do is speculate, but my best guess would be, an extension of the licencing contract (only PGG could confirm this themselves).

A bit off topic but,… I just for fun redownloaded fh4 after getting a bit tired of fh5. Are the servers currently down?, because I can’t get any online features to work. (Steam version).

Maybe they extended it during the uncertainty surrounding COVID when they were shut down?

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That’s an interesting possibility. Not sure though, legal being legal I can’t see them doing it just because of that.

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