FH4 deleted itself while updating?

Hi, i just turned on my xbox after setting up the update to install while my xbox was on stand by and found that the game somehow deleted itself, cancelled the update and my save game is deleted from my xbox as well. Weird part is the i looked and found all the DLC and car packs installed. Why did this happen and will i end up losing all my progress? Ive been playing since day one and accumulated all cars except 2 pre orders. If i have to start over from scratch, im done. Never had a problem like this with FH2, FH3, FM5-7. Guess ill know how much damage this update did in 9 hours when it finishes downloading. My ethernet cable broke so wifi is my only option and is shared by a lot of devices, hence the 9 hours DL time. Is anyone else having problems with this update? And if i findout that my save game was corrupted, can T10 reinstate it or give the cars back? Never had anything like this happen before. Reinstalling a game cuz of a weird patch, yes, but not a game deleting itself and save game. Hope its not corrupted on the cloud or w/e.

If you cancel an update it uninstalls the game. Maybe a fail safe to keep profiles from being corrupted. Just happened to me with the Reach update for MCC.

The disclaimer “you can download this game on your Xbox or anyone else’s” or whatever it says lends to the fact your save is stored on the cloud. You’ll pick up right where you left off when you reinstall it.

IF by chance your save does start over, the people over at PG are pretty helpful.


I’ve got the same problem all my progression seem like delete after that update. I’m in panic

its not a game issue
its a Microsoft store issue
you need to go complain to them
been this way for years

After i reinstalled my save was fine. Was worried but i guess T10 and PG already thought of that eh lol thanks for the info and for the responses. Cheers :slight_smile:

Ive had the same problem just now i was updating the forza 4 game and switched profiles then switched back and the game got uninstalled even my xbox game pass got deleted i had to buy xbox game pass again now i have to wait til 2moro to play the game again