FH4 at gamescom 2018

FH4 at gamescom 2018

gamescom is the largest annual gaming expo in Europe, allowing fans to visit exhibitors and get hands on with game demos. The FH4 demo will be there this year, and there are typically more details about Forza games released around gamescom from developer stage interviews and articles:


August 22-25, 2018 in Cologne Germany

https://twitter.com/gamescom #gamescom2018
http://www.gamescom.global/ - ticketing and info




“Mixer is heading to Cologne, Germany next week where we will be in Hall 8 all week long giving you more of your favorite HypeZone LIVE action, as well as other surprises! Whether you’re attending gamescom in person or viewing from home, we’ll be celebrating with our fellow gamers starting on Tuesday, August 21 with a spectacular booth experience, complete with huge prize giveaways, and a full daily livestream right from the show floor starting on Wednesday, August 22, for those who are watching from home.”

Mixer.com/HypeZoneLive Broadcast Schedule
8/22 Wednesday 1:30am - 11am Pacific
8/23 Thursday 1:30am - 11am Pacific
8/24 Friday 12:30am - 11am Pacific
8/25 Saturday 12:30am - 11am Pacific


“Xbox FanFest will be returning to gamescom once again, this year on the Rhein River! FanFest will happen for one incredible night on Thursday, 23 August, with doors opening at 7:00 pm and full activities starting at 8:00 pm. 1,000 lucky attendees will experience an amazing “Xbox FanFest on the Rhein” before casting off for a scenic cruise along the river.” Plus: Meet and Greet FH4 developers, Play FH4, Prizing and Special Gifts, Exclusive Autograph Sessions, Unique Interactives, Food/Beverage, DJ.
See FAQ at the site.
#XboxFanFest - ticketing site is now closed. Thank you for the overwhelming interest; you surprised even me! As we go through all who registered, we’ll keep fans updated if any new ticket allocations open up. Could be some surprise ways coming soon!”^


Xbox Booth - “This is the first time that European gamers will have the chance to jump in and try out many of our newest gameplay experiences including the open world freedom of driving through stunning beautiful historic Britain in Forza Horizon 4 or embarking on a journey to unravel Ori’s true destiny in this emotionally engaging, hand-crafted, story-driven adventure in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.”
Mixer Booth
Inside Xbox - August 21
Xbox FanFest - August 23
Official Xbox Gear Shop - August 21-25

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Gamescom After Dark - GamesRadar streaming schedule


7.45 - 8.05pm CEST Forza Horizon 4
Ralph Fulton, Playground Games’ Creative Director, gets us the low-down on Forza Horizon 4 with some glorious gameplay.

8pm CEST = 7pm London = 2pm Eastern = 11am Pacific


IGN at Gamescom



Acey Bongos shares a look at the Xbox booth at Gamescom:

The Inside Xbox livestream starts in less than 7 hours at 7:30am Pacific / 10:30am Eastern / 3:30pm London:


Hideous. Maybe in a different colour it would be merely ugly, but that blue just doesn’t work at all.

Ford Ranger Raptor coming to FH4


“Big thanks to the team @FordPerformance @Ford to be part of the unveil of the Ranger Raptor here @gamescom coming to #ForzaHorizon4 on Oct 2nd! #RaptorMania

Teaser video: https://twitter.com/FordEu/status/1031817628451594240

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Yeeeesssssss, this is a good addition to the roster. I’m not a truck guy, but its definitely the truck I would want if I felt compelled to get one.

Agreed! It’s the perfect size for a truck. Quite the looker as well. Can’t wait to be doing some of this soon:


Dunno if it’s the angle or what, but that looks a bit cartoonish. Almost super-deformed. The squashed in front end and the short but increasingly thick wedgy bed… makes me want to stick a giant penny in the back.

Maybe its the angle or the fact that its in the air. Looks pretty good on the ground too lol.

Cortana commentates the Forza Horizon 4 Halo mission
Tom Phillips, News Editor



I was wondering when a proper crossover like that was going to happen. Good. Spartan Armor better be an article of clothing in FH4 to complete the picture. I’m also wondering if I’m the only one that interprets all these huge leaks that shall not be mentioned more as a recent advertising technology, and less of a series of people risking their careers over faulty, insufficient infosec.

Ralph Fulton closing out the Inside Xbox livestream:

  • Gameplay showing Team Adventure
  • Quick Chat communicating with other players
  • Offline play available with Drivatars instead of real players
  • McLaren Senna at the Xbox booth, with Chris Bishop providing the overview
  • Console bundles (Xbox One S, Xbox One X with both FH4 and FM7)

Video clips


Everything Xbox Announced Today at gamescom: Forza Horizon 4, PUBG, State of Decay 2, and More
by Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief
Posted on August 21, 2018 at 9:30 am

The stream was a total disappointment


Indeed, the Stream was a real Let down In My Personal Opinion as well. (I hope I am not breaking any Rules by being Negative here…)

Why oh Why Microsoft chose to host the Gameplay Showcase of the one Game most of us Tuned in to the Stream for (look, as great as Metro and Tomb Raider are, I want the PC Versions of those instead) , Horizon 4, behind “Closed Doors” I will never Know!

I can only hope that Playground can show us the full Showcase footage (complete with Ford Ranger Raptor reveal if Possible) on either the Xbox or Forza Motorsport YouTube channels Sometime Soon!


I can hardly believe they did it again.

Why do they even bother with hyping people up, only to forbid them from seeing the bloody thing? Can we please have a social marketing that is actually social, as in it involves, includes and targets human beings with little discrimination, instead of reiterating outdated gatekeeping mechanisms for the chosen few and other esoteric rituals of exclusion, the meaning of which has been lost and buried in the sands of time? It’s 2018.


Huge disappointment! I got bored with repeating the same things over and over and over… One month left to the game release and we still got nothing about PC version. No system requirements, not even one gameplay from PC. Something is really not right for me… hope for the best but prepare for the worst! If they fail with optimization this time I swear to god that I rather buy Xbox One X which gives me smoot constant 60FPS in 1080p than new GPU which gives me not only more FPS but also constant crases to desktop or something worse


That is what I did, it’s cheaper than a top of the line GPU. That’s what I would have had to do to replace my 290x. But I didn’t have any issues running both existing games on PC anyway, in 4k. I just wanted things to stay fool-proof and not play the waiting game of when will the driver comes out that breaks things. After playing both MS7 and H3 for awhile now on the X I can say I do not regret my decision one bit. Except maybe a bit on not having the driver level adjustments for my wheel. The PC does FFB better IMO.

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I have no idea why they locked the Game behind Closed Doors at Gamescom either, I just Personally think it is positively Bizarre that they did so!

However, going on the way Ralph Fulton was talking on the MS Stream, it seems like they might Potentially be doing some more Live Streams Soon on the Forza Motorsport YouTube Channel (and on Mixer for those so Inclined) to Discuss the Features and events Shown at Gamescom - “we have a lot of new things that we want to Discuss and Show you all, so stay Tuned” - that sounds, at least to Me Personally , like there could Possibly be some new Live Streams on the Way! with that Chap from Xbox On (I cant think of His name…Sorry!) , Ralph, and, hopefully, Tree Ben, on Hosting once again. :slight_smile:

So Maybe MS Possibly felt that Social Marketing via Livestreams like they did last Month with the “Four Seasons” would be a better way of Showing the Gamescom Content to the Public than a Very Press Focussed and “Dry” Traditional Media briefing? as they tend to be very Boring, and something of a Hype Killer outside of the most Hardcore Members of the Games audience as a Result after all.

Alternatively there is a slight chance that, as More Radio Stations other than “Hospital Records” were supposedly (at least according to articles in the Mainstream Gaming Press, ie IGN, Gamespot, etc) heard at the Press Showcase, with Some Press Members mentioning “Bass Arena” in their Articles about the Gamescom Showcase, maybe some of the Artists heard in the Footage have Potentially maybe Placed their Songs under NDA systems? Possibly meaning the Showcase could not be Shown to the Public?

Or maybe it was Possibly something to do with the Reveal of the Ford Ranger Raptor that resulted in the Showcase being Press Only?

I can only Guess the Reasons I am afraid as , like all of us, I have no idea what is going on!

But, indeed, with the way the Public, quite understandably, feels about Games Industry at the Moment due to the Wake of a “Certain Scandal” that Rocked Said industry to its Core last November and has lead to intense, Shall we say “ill Feeling”? , for all AAA Games Publishers in General from the Gaming Public, it is Vital in 2018 not to hide anything from the aforementioned Gaming Public In My Personal Opinion!

Locking the Game up behind Closed Doors at one of the biggest Gaming events in Europe is just positively Bizarre behaviour In My Personal Opinion! And I cannot Personally think of any Justification for Resurrecting the Outdated Rituals of “Press Only” Exclusion, outside of either Potential NDA Issues, or a Possible desire to Split the Gamescon Showcase Content up into a Series of more Easily Digested “Social Marketing” Livestreams.

Although it is true that Social Marketing Livestreams are far better at Generating Hype as they explain the New Content in a Friendly, Laid Back, and extremely Easy to Understand way, than a Traditional Complicated, Stuffy, Dry Press Marketing Briefing, hiding a Game behind Closed Doors at a major Gaming event is, at least in My Own Personal Opinion, not exactly a good idea in the current Gaming Market of 2018.

I still think it is most Likely something to do with Potentially doing some more Live Streams, after all, we never Saw the Full E3 Showcase Either … but got those Awesome “Four Seasons” Live Streams instead! so Maybe MS, buoyed on by how Massively Successful those Streams were, Possibly want to Repeat it for the Gamescom showcase? and have, sadly, possibly had it backfire on them a little bit due to Fan Confusion and Disappointment, although that will soon clear up if/when they start the next Set of Weekly Live Streams! :slight_smile: as that is, at least in My Personal Opinion, the most Logical Explanation I can Personally think of outside of Potential NDA Issues with some of the Games Music for running the Showcase behind Closed Doors.

I am Sorry for the Guarded tone, but you need to use your Xbox Account to Sign in, and, as I just Spent a Small Fortune on an X and a 4K TV, I really cannot afford to have anything happen to My account! so I am treading very Carefully.

Gamescom is going on for a couple more days, dev interview with gameplay is coming Thursday, i don’t think its worth worrying about.