FH4 5.1 and 7.1 sound

Is there any way to set 5.1 or 7.1 sound in forza gorizon 4 demo? I can’t find it in settings and stereo sound is bit weak. Maybe it will be introduced in full game? Playing on PC, logitech G35 hedphones.

Thanks for help.


Same problem here. Using a Denon AVR hooked via HDMI to a GTX 1070.
The receiver gets stereo, which is bland as hell.

In the full game I have the same issue, can’t use 7.1 sound. My left ear really enjoys the engine sounds.

Wow, i though it was a problem from the demo buut… nooope =(
I hope Turn 10 fix this soon

Got no problem with my 5.1 speakers that are plugged into my Yamaha AVR via HDMI, also got no problem with my 7.1 headphones via USB, both works without any problems.

You did make the correct settings in windows and double checked? Im pretty sure the game just uses the “Default Audio Device”.

I also have this problem. It works in every other game than Horizon 3 and Horizon 4. I have 7.1 surround in my Logitech G35. One day it stopped working in Horizon 3 and it worked before. It’s irritating!

I have no problem with my yamaha av receiver (5.1). I use the hdmi output of my gtx

I have my speakers set up as 5.1 in audio control panel, but the game only plays stereo over 5.1, so I don’t get anything from subwoofer. The audio is bland as hell this way and I’m forced to use stereo headphones :frowning:

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Same problem here. The subwoofer is not working and the engine sound is very faint. Forza Horizon 3 works flawlessly with the same setup.

Same issue here on a pair of G35s as well. Same exact issue that FH3 and FM7 had, still not fixed. The old workaround was to use older drivers, but even those don’t work anymore. Doubt we’ll see a fix, given that T10 haven’t acknowledged it for years now.

From what I see, USB headsets in general don’t seem to work right. Some Corsair headsets aren’t getting any audio, and everyone with a G35 is only getting stereo.

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do this and it will work with 7.1 for Logitech G35

OK here’s the fix. Essentially we have to wipe ALL traces of Logitech software\drivers\files\folders and registry settings then we can reinstall Logitech Gaming Software. Simply Uninstalling the Program and reinstalling WILL NOT WORK IN MOST CASES. So follow these instructions EXACTLY! Ok so here we go!

1st right click on start menu and select “device manager” and expand “sound, video and controllers” . Right-click on “Logitech **** Gaming Headset” and select uninstall then Tick “Delete the driver software for this device”

2nd right click start menu and select settings… \apps\apps and features then select Logitech Gaming Software and Uninstall it THEN UNPLUG Headset and USB Headset Dongle and RESTART

3rd Go to C:\Users… then select your user login folder then click on the address bar and at the end of the current listed directory type in app data (E.G. C:\Users\LoginNameHere\appdata) In here you want to open 2 folders… 1st open “Local” and delete “Logitech” folder, 2nd go back to appdata directory and open “Roaming” and again delete “Logitech folder”

4th go to directories that Logitech was installed (usually BOTH c:\program files AND c:\program files (x86) ) and delete both Logitech Folders there

5th Hold windows key on keyboard and press R (this will bring up the Run command), type in “regedit” and press enter. In this registry you will be deleting 2 Logitech Folder Directories. The First 1 is located

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech and the second:


Delete BOTH of these Logitech folder Directories

NOW… Install latest Logitech gaming software and RESTART after it is done installing. THEN and ONLY THEN can you plug your headset and usb headset dongle back in and Wah-La! Good as new!

Same problem here, I cant active 5.1

Headset Logitech G633.


Tried it excatly how you described it with my Logitech G933, but it still doesn’t work. It is just frustrating that a game, which cost 100€ isn’t able to fix that problem. I don’t have any probs with my headset with other games.
But I like it how the sorround sound and the equalizer are working in the Turn10 and Microsoft intro, but as soon as the game menu pops up the sound is stereo again and just sounding really bad.

But thanks for the tip.

Hey everyone.
For those with Logitech product on PC.
I discovered on the depths of the internet that the issue is caused by LGS (Logitech Gaming Software). That any version past 8.753 is not recognizing Microsoft published games as a Surround sound capable. (something to do with your default speakers as stereo instead of 7.1), that is why not everyone is experiencing this problem.
Anyhow, if you install version 8.753 of LGS that should fix the problem.
I just made a video on this subject, check it out if you’re interested. No surround sound! Forza Horizon / Microsoft games on PC. Logitech. + Temporary FIX - YouTube

The audio of the game follows what you have set in Windows 10. I don’t have any issues running Dolby Atmos on headphones or through my Onkyo receiver with a 5.1.2 speaker setup.

what do you mean with that , can you please discribe how to change that ? thank you

In your sound settings, you can set your default device and configure surround sound, if its a stereo speakers then Windows will recognize your whole system as only stereo.
That is not the case however if you have a Logitech product. Just install the older version of LGS (8.753) and it will work.

Installing the older version of LGS does’nt work for me.

same here , right now i’m using Logitech G-Hub .the 7;1 isnt working in my G633 headphone