FH3 Music stations and song list

Yes! I’d love to see Forza Horizon 3 feature Flume, not only because he’s australian but because his music is amazing.

I’m 100% certain we’re getting a good fixing of Flume. FH2 had a remix of Hyperparadise, FH3 has a Future Classic radio station, the label Flume is signed to and frankly, he is the “main course” of Future Classic’s offerings

Tkay Maidza - Uh-Huh was faintly heard in the beginning of this gameplay video.


Per Mechberg about a half hour into today’s stream, he said there are 8 music stations including Groove (your own playlist)

I thought there were supposed to be nine stations – Bass Arena, Pulse, Heavy Rock, Block Party, Punk, Hospital, Epitaph, Vagrant, and Future Classic?

There will be eight radio stations + Groove Music, so 9 in total:

Horizon Pulse
Horizon Bass Arena
Horizon Block Party
Future Classics
Hospital Records
Levante FM (classical)

  • Groove Music

Cool, thanks for the confirmation, I’ve updated the first post with the info.

Maybe Cut Copy will make three in a row for this game.

There’s a lot of good indie and/or electronic artists down under. I’d imagine that PG would include a bit more aussie tunes for us to hear this time around.
(BTW, I’m an American who just has gotten into some good Oceania music lately :P)

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I was just saying how they should some of moogs tracks from mighty car mods. I mean he is from Australia for Pete’s sake.

If they’re putting in real punk music, I’d try to recruit songs from Fat Wreck Chords too, provided licensing and whatnot works out well, but I feel like the punk station will just end up being a collection of the pop “punk” bullcrap that’s unfortunately become popular recently.
But if the punk station ends up being an actual punk station, with music from NOFX, Descendents, Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, etc., that’d be friggin sick!

Mostly generic eurobeat and rap I’m guessing, same as every other racing game. There are no good soundtracks anymore…

Will be listening to this in Lamborghini Countach

Wild Nothing - Paradise

The E3 trailer music is just stunning. Looking forward to this, and it’ll be interesting to see how Groove Music will be implemented with regards to streaming the music. Will the be a separate interface? A separate dahsboard app that will run in tandem with the game? Or is it as simple as one’s OneDrive account will be synced and played?

I guess time will tell :slight_smile:

maybe I missed it but Horizon rocks isn’t in? Does Epitaph take over for that? What is block party?

Apparently rock music now being covered by Vagrant for alternative/indie and Epitaph for metal/punk. There won’t be a station dedicated to playing rock music that isn’t tied to either label. Not a fan of that to be honest, I wanted to see classic songs like “Down Under” by Men at Work, or modern hits like “Throne” by Bring Me the Horizon. Guess I’ll have to use Groove for that. Block Party is the new hip-hop station.

Sweet Hospital is back :D. I remember when that station unlocked, and Danny Byrd (one of my fav artists) came on as 1st track, I knew I was in for a good soundtrack to my racing :smiley:

Pendulum might have been based in the UK but are Australian so I would love to see some of their music make it into one of the in-game radio stations.

They made a lot of brilliant drum and bass and electronic music so there would be plenty to choose from.

I remember in the first installment of the horizon series their was a song called Language by Porter Robinson, This would be played in the opening cinematic and to be honest was just amazing and epic it fitted so well and got you amped up every single time you booted the game up. Now in Horizon 2 we got some lifeless soundtrack which is played in the opening cinematic which i feel is slightly depressing and it really kills the experience as you have to listen to it every single time you start the game.

So now that Horizon 3 is being launched really soon i feel that this song Paris Blohm- Something about you will be an amazing fit to the opening cinematic in the game.

“Language” was definitely a perfect opening to Forza Horizon. I liked Nocturne by Keeno was a decent one too (FH2 opening), but I don’t get the same goosebumps feeling whenever I hear it like Language.

As for my vote for the opening for FH3, I think that People on the Ground by Royalston would be a great song for this. It is an epic song, and it also is a Hospital Records artist, so it could easily be on the radio station. Maybe it sounds too much like the other one, but just imagine a scene like the ones shown in the first two games.

At E3 we had FH3 with fantastic song by CHVRCHES so I thing that the best would be when they will be add another song by this artists.

Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES - Tether

and other song:

Phats & Small - Turn Around (Hey What’s Wrong With You) (Maison & Dragen Remix)
Bassnectar - You & Me (feat. W. Darling)
Seven Lions and Lights - Falling Away
Robin Schulz - World Turns Grey
Chris Malinchak - Stranger (White Light Remix)
Tim Mason - Rapture
Halsey - Hurricane (Arty Remix)

Wide tour Forza Players :smiley: