FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Can we update topic to include facelift model?

KS: Done

Yes, I’ll likely add some options too for stuff like the different GR Yaris models and the GR Sport Yaris.

I should be able to do it in around 2-3 hours as I’m going to be driving out of town shortly though.

And what about my topic

We already have all trims of this car except the 370Z Roadster so can someone please rename it to 370Z Roadster


We don’t have the Pre-facelift Nismo or the Facelift 370Z Coupe (standard model).

Personally I think we don’t really need those two particular models but since they still exist they’re added as options.

The Roadster is definitely the one that makes a difference

The car gained a 2024 Facelift and there is also a 184 hp 2l I4 version of the car

There is also the Type R Sport Line


It’s made for those who don’t like that big wing

And please replace the 2019 with current as it’s still in production and please give it polls


Probably going to be my last update for around a day


Can we update the topic?

May I suggest some minor tweaks to the Metro topics for both games?

  1. I would align the topic header to be the same for both games, maybe use the one of the FM topic ‘Austin / MG Metro’ (the FH5 thread only mentions Austin in the header).
  2. Could you also add the ‘Rover 100’ moniker to the list in FH5 mentioning the various names under which this car was sold? The final model year Metros were sold as Rover 100 for a short while in the UK and for even longer in the rest of Europe.
  3. Maybe then also quote the list of four different alternative model names in the FM vote topic as well to mirror the FH5 setup.

Can you update these?

May I suggest to expand DAF 66 1300 Marathon 1973-1975 to include all variants of the DAF 66?
The Marathon is the Coupe version of the car but there was also a two door saloon and three door estate, I guess it would be better to include all of those in there.

In addition it’s worth noting that DAF was taken over by Volvo and the DAF 66 ultimately rebranded to become the Volvo 66 with no fundamental changes besides bumpers and badging (sadly the Marathon Coupe was discontinued at that point), I therefore suggest to include those Volvo branded cars as well and update the tag and header accordingly.

Considering the car was designed by DAF using their signature Variomatic transmission they actually have the same top speed going forwards as moving in reverse, you’ll find plenty of Dutch reverse-DAF-races online if you want to have a laugh (and assess its meme potential for players).

hello so i tryed to see where and how i can post so i see where i can post but not how can i post can someone help me? and tell me pls?

Only staff can create topics

You can either use the Index or use the Search Bar to find if the car you want is already available as a topic.

If it’s not yet available as a topic then you can Submit it to the thread:

Once of us will attend to it when we’re able