FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Can someone add the word V Blackwing as its unlikely they will modify the V6s or i4s

The model is sold in Japan as the Honda WR-V.

Someone please add polls to it

The Mexican version of the car can be had with a manual


So can you add a transmission poll for it I don’t want a CVT

No, it’s just a single region so it’s not a concern at the moment.

Mention in your comment in there that you want a manual from Mexico

Please do it I really don’t want the devs to add a cvt and a mexican spec car fits perfect for this game

I don’t think anyone wants a cvt so please add a transmission poll

I suggest expanding the scope of this thread to include all versions of the Midget. This thread only covers the first four years, and the car was made for almost twenty.

Can you add polls for this for the 1st gen A5 we already have the RS5 Coupé so can you make a RS5 Cabriolet poll instead of just RS5

I used to not care about this car but ever since the announcement of MXDM version its something that should be in a game like this we never had the WRX Wagon before which the Levorg is but just like with the WRX all they did is do an Impreza variant that is now its own model

This needs to have transmission polls why would we want a cvt like seriously?!

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Someone rename this to Veneno Roadster

KS: Done

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And can you merge


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Unfortunately not, I’ll have to wait for Max to do that.

I’ll bring it up to him though

At the risk of sounding belligerent, what exactly determines which suggested cars get voting threads, and which don’t?


I try and do as many as possible but sometimes it’s only 1 or 2 a day due to stuff happening in my life recently.

The only ones I outright reject are ones that are inappropriate (i.e motorcycles) or are concept cars that only exist as renders or scale models.

I’m hoping to get some more time available soon but it depends on how my week goes.

I’ve been meaning to give your classic racer submissions their own topics but just haven’t had the opportunity however I should be able to reach them by Friday.

I’ve generally been doing some of the most recent ones when I’m limited on time just to clear it up a bit and since I don’t need to scroll to find the submission for merging.