FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

it was sold as a Honda for all markets including left hand drive except for Hong Kong and North America where it was a Acura

here is a lhd Honda NSX-T

The poll is old so I don’t want to delete it.

In general though any LHD NSXs would probably be an Acura as we’ve had them previously in the series while we’ve had no LHD Hondas yet.

The poll is primarily just for the brand though as opposed to which side the drivers sits on.

hmm maybe just rename these to Honda (international) and Acura (Hong Kong and North America on the which brand do you prefer poll

Could you merge the 650s into the 675LT and rename it to 650S variants I mean the same thing was for the 750S and 765LT topic which included all variants of the 720S in general also the 750S has a Spider version too

Update the topic to include Mercedes-Benz Citan/T-Class/EQT & Renault Express & Grand Kangoo.

The rallycross car is named the Volkswagen Polo R Supercar

I agree and this one needs polls

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@Bobzi09YT please read the first post for instructions - requesting cars is done by voting on topics with the model name; this topic is for requesting new voting topics be added, not the wishlisting itself.

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Sorry, but I don’t get why you bring this up now? It’s apparent that we’ll get the '68 Coupe at the end of February and how things are it’s rather unlikely that an other version will be added afterwards.

It’s about the same with the following car(s).

We already have the Hammer C124 and will get the W124 E500 soon. The chance that any additional versions or mods get added is basically zero.

So again, why even put this up?

Record keeping and consistency.

There were votes on both of these topics for other models so they’re put back up so those users can vote again and their votes aren’t just thrown away.

Whether these models will be added or not is not the concern of the licensing and development teams.

Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense or more directly put is nonsense.

When it’s about record keeping and consistency why not simply leave the old threads open an add a post or edit the OP and say that version XYZ already is or will get added to the game soon?

The way this is handled here is doing exactly what you proclaim to want to avoid. It’s throwing away already cast votes. To expect or hope that players will show up and vote again isn’t the right way IMO.

Your last sentence is strange. Why even have this topics then if the devs aren’t concerned about them? This whole thing here somehow comes off as…ahm awkward.

Sidenote: Why does the first post now says it’s from Max when it clearly was you that posted it?

Topics are closed after the most voted model is added to reset the votes for any other models, this is mainly so that the overall vote now clearly shows how many people still want other versions of the model (i.e it’s not diluted by people voting for a model already in the game who don’t care for the other versions).

In topics where a model is added but the most voted one isn’t they remain open (like the 2018-current Bentley Continental where most people voted for the Coupé but we got the Convertible).

By throwing away the votes I mean the people who voted for the other variants still have an opportunity to have their votes shown. When we close the Topic nobody can vote anymore so this gives them the opportunity to vote again even when they voted for a much less popular model.

The whole Suggestions Hub section is so that the community has a single place to request cars which makes it easy for the devs to analyse where the interest lies.

Some models may not get much interest in terms of votes but may be added due to an opportunity coming from the manufacturer side of things and therefore end up in the game anyways. On the other side of the scale highly voted cars may not need up in the game due to various reasons where an agreement cannot be reached with a manufacturer.

The Developers and Licensing Team are ultimately the people who are responsible for the process of getting cars ingame and the SHUB simply exists to collect data to help direct them on where to try concentrate their efforts. This isn’t meant to be a list of cars which are inevitably going to be added to the game based on their vote count but highly voted cars have a higher chance of being added if agreements can be reached.

As for the Max taking over the Post it’s just to keep the topics uniform in terms of who is posting them. Max is the one in charge of the entire SHUB so keeping all topics under him instead of split between 4 different users just makes it look cleaner and more official.

The 3 of us also don’t have the T10 Tag so new users who don’t know who we are might not think our topics are legitimate.

Also on the topic of SHUB Votes vs the cars being added to the game and if it actually has an impact.

There is actually a large sheet that covers the Troubleshooting Hub and the Suggestions Hub which is shown and discussed during meetings with developers in order to plan future developments within the series and set a timeline for them.

For bugs it helps to identify which are the most severe and widespread issues which need work asap while for suggestions it helps with plans for future updates. Whether that be actually reaching out to manufacturers or track owners to see if there is potential for negotiation about their properties being added to the games (brand new or returning) or planning new features such as stuff for EventLab or Photo Mode, new upgrade options (Anti-Lag for example), changed to gameplay (Launch Control) and even stuff like opening up Rivals for Rally Adventure tracks which was added this update.

Unfortunately I can’t disclose the sheet for obvious reasons but it is definitely something that is analysed and acted upon.

Thanks for the explaination…I guess.

Mercedes E-Class 2003-2009 (W211) Could someone add the trims for it

I want the Hammer Sedan and Hammer Convertible if it exists

All of the Mercedes I mentioned today need polls aswell as the SLK R170 and W223 S Class