McLaren 675LT 2015-2017

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McLaren 675LT 2015-2017

This topic includes both the coupe and Spider, as well as the MSO HS and MSO R.


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The optional roof scoop on these vehicles were a rare option, but personally I think it really adds to the design and character of the car.


Jesus please. This is my wildest dream.


Please make this happen PG.


And we need your vote.

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ive been wanting this car since fh3, still hoping for it

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They should also have all the MSO parts available to make it look like an MSO HS


Same, FH5 really should consider this masterpiece in mclaren superseries built on M838T engine.


Spider too please

Seriously, I think this is the best-looking supercar in the recent years. Sharp and fit.

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Ohh please Turn 10 & Playground Games please bring this car for Forza Horizon 5 & Forza Motorsport 2023


McLaren 675LT


So **** attractive with that lime green on. Geez.

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Well-received by the press when new, there is no good reason for the McLaren 675LT to not be in Forza. For some reason, we have both the Coupe and Spider in FH5, but not the better version… The upgrades over the 650S include carbon-ceramic brakes, extensive use of carbon fiber, new rear wing, new rear diffuser and front splitter, lighter wheels, and a power upgrade to 675 PS.

The Longtail was limited to 500, but the 25-car run of the MSO HS took it even further. Power is up to 688 PS, and weight is down 19 kg thanks to using the same seats as the P1 GTR. There is also a more aggressive front bumper, a roof scoop (optional on the LT) and a fixed rear wing.
McLaren wasn’t done yet, releasing the MSO R Coupe and Spider, both one-offs. They utilised the powertrain from the HS, but added a 2-level rear wing.