Festival Playlist - Forzathon Weekly does not recognize required car - 3526166


  • Festival Playlist - Weekly Challenge - Chapter 1- Car may not be recognized and the chapter will not complete.


  • Known Issue

(continuing as Known Issue)

Just like Winter Playlist, this season, the Weekly Forzathon won’t activate for me. Owning and driving the proper car doesn’t work.
Now today’s daily forzathon isn’t working either. Just drove an infinity for 16 miles and it still won’t register as complete.

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You are correct that daily challenge “Lightyear” does not work. Make sure and file a ticket so devs will know. Cheers, John

These have helped in the past but recently it seems to be more 50/50 if it actually fixes it on your game. Hopefully they can help you though:

For issues with the Weekly Forzathon Not triggering properly:

First: Try buy a new one, if it doesn’t work then read below

  1. Get in non required car.
  2. Exit game
  3. Restart game
  4. Drive non required car for a bit (~5 mins)
  5. Get in required car
  6. Should hopefully work.

Method 2

  1. Get into a Different Car
  2. Disconnect from your Internet
  3. Exit the Game
  4. Reboot the Game
  5. Get into the required car to complete Stage 1 or all of them
  6. Exit the Game and Reconnect to the Internet
  7. Reboot the Game and continue as normal

Alternatively if you're on PC:

Crank the graphics to the absolute lowest and restart the game and then change it back, that did the trick for me.


  1. Exit the game and close fully

  2. Press Windows Key + R and type %temp%

  3. Delete the Turn10Temp Cache File

  4. Restart the game and try the Challenge Again


If you have though and it’s still not working and you’re happy to possibly mess with your save data (provided you have a strong internet connection you should be alright) then this will hopefully work


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Again. 3 weeks in a row now the Weekly challenge doesn’t work.

U r not alone my friend :pensive:
Even the “Drive an Infinity for 5 miles” last week didnt work for me…

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Series 20 Week 2 - “Effortlessly Powerful”
Yet another weekly forzathon not working, hot fix please …Xbox X with all updates and reboots

Same here. 4 weeks for me.

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Big surprise? NO… 5 weeks in a row there is a non working challenge. Missing a lot of forzathon points and a lot of fun…

I assume you’re talking about the one with the Ultima? If so I’ve completed it today with no issues.

Yup, same. No problems here.

Ive done horizon tour twice meow and it wont trigger for me either. How in the flat-world have they not figured out how to programme these challenges yet? Theyve been doing these for years meow

5 weeks in a row now. The ticket I put in came back with the standard ‘we’ve passed this on to the developers’ and closed the ticket. Then I got the ‘How’d We Do?’ survey.

It does seem to be somewhat random since the same bug doesn’t happen on my other account.

Same thing, I am now on week number 6 of weekly challenge not working / not recognizing the requested vehicle. Tried a number of the online recommendations but no change. I have been submitting tickets to Forza for most of them, quick response but no solutions (I believe they directed me here as part of their last reply).
I recently upgraded my video card and then thought maybe that’d help but still the same. Hopefully
Forza addresses this soon.

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I’ve just tried reinstalling the whole game and this fixed nothing.

For yet another MONTH the weekly challenge does not work…Please repair the basic game!