Festival Playlist events and rewards Nov. 16-23 (Autumn S27)

Autumn Season Festival Playlist (FH5 American Muscle - S27)

Here are the details on this week’s events and rewards. Share tips along with your tuning setup codes.

The '66 Chevrolet Nova and '68 Pontiac Firebird are this week’s new exclusive reward cars.


The season starts at 6:30am Pacific on November 16 and ends Thursday, November 23, 2023 2:30 PM
This is the second season of the American Automotive series.


Points are accumulated across all four seasons. Each event in the Festival Playlist has a number of points to earn noted in the bottom left corner of the event tile. Accumulate points with any combination of completed events to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car. Cars noted as Seasonal Exclusive are not available in the Autoshow, so grab them while you can! But don’t worry if you miss them, these cars may come back again for future Festival Playlists.

Series total: 280 Points

  • Series Reward: 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing (Seasonal Exclusive) (80 points)
  • Series Reward: 1986 Ford F-150 (Seasonal Exclusive) (160 points)

Season Total: 70 points

  • Season Reward: 1966 Chevrolet Nova (newly added Seasonal Exclusive car) (20 points)
  • Season Reward: 1968 Pontiac Firebird (newly added Seasonal Exclusive car) (40 points)


Completing these events earn seasonal points plus Forzathon Points (FP) which can be used in the Forzathon Shop.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge
(5 pts) These four challenges must be completed in sequence.

Bucking Broncos
Tough Love Own and drive the 1975 Ford Bronco or the 2021 Ford Bronco
Smash and Grab Earn 3 stars at Trailblazers in your Bronco
Green Lake Win a Cross Country even in your Bronco
Ride Height Earn a Kangaroo skill in your Bronco

#Forzathon Daily Challenges
(1 pt each) Each new challenge starts daily at 6:30am PT and is open for 7 days.

Brake Time Change the color of your vehicles brake calipers
Circular Composition Take a photo a the Stadium
Nexus of Lexus Complet round 3 of Horizon Arcade in any Lexus
Stin in the Tail Earn a Drift Skill in any Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Oregon Trailblazer Earn 2 Stars in Trailblazers
Like an Eagle Land a jump lasting over 3 seconds in any American car
Texas Holden Smash 7 Cacti in any Holden


Toggle the menu to show the rewards and restrictions for each event - if you complete the event in a car outside the restrictions or fail to meet the target, you won’t get the reward and points from completion. You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial. Access to Rally Adventure events require defeating the three team champions. Access to Hot Wheels events requires the Hot Wheels Expansion DLC; users without the DLC will still be able to gold the season and unlock the “Min, Meet Max” Achievement without these event points.

Pts Event Name Requirement Route
10 The Trial Pickup the Pieces (C600) Pickups & 4x4s Dirt Racing (Mangrove Scramble)
3 EventLab Midtown Urban City (A800) Super Saloons
3 EventLab Kanaloa Bay Motorinsanity Stormy (S1 900) Offroad
2 Danger Sign Boardwalk (A800) Jeep Trailcat - 100m
2 Speed Trap Mudflows (A800) Jeep Trailcat - 130mph
5 Championship Stop, Hummer Time (A800) Hummer Cross Country (Copper Canyon CC)
5 Championship Torque the Talk (S1 900) Shelby Road Racing (Riviera Sprint)
5 Championship Gone Truckin (B700) Pickups & 4x4s Cross Country (The Titan)
3 Treasure Hunt Dodge Ball You’ll want to Dodge into a ball to earn a spike on the beach to reveal this treasure.
2 Photo Challenge #WorkingHard Photograph the 2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW PLATINUM at La Gran Caldera
2 Horizon Open The Open Road Complete any Horizon Open event in an American car
2 RA Speed Zone Devil’s Pass (A800) Ford - 80mph
5 RA Championship Founding Fordfathers (A800) Ford, AWD Crateres Secos
2 HW Drift Zone Ice Cauldron (A800) Ford - 150,000 points
5 HW Championship Cobra Car (S2 998) USA Ram’s Head Speed Sprint


The total points from Monthly events are divided by four when applied to individual seasons. Completing the events will apply 1 point for each Rivals event (1 x 2) = 4 points maximum applied to each season. Post a clean lap to complete Rivals events; cars are stock and provided as free rentals.

Pts Event Route Car
1 Monthly Rivals Bahía De Plano Circuit Saleen S7 LM
1 Forza EV Linea Costera Sprintl Lucid Air Sapphire

Didn’t we figure out the Hummer SC was A800? The hell is going on?

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I already posted the hummer is in a800…


I’m just going to assume the 3 Ford Shelby’s are eligible for the Torque the Talk championship.

Yeah, that’s why I’m baffled that the post says D500. Dunno what’s going on over there right now. I guess they’re still deciding the restrictions for the playlist.

I will reconfirm in the morning.
Update - the event is A800 as shown in the Festival Playlist images from the Forza Monthly livestream.


I wouldn’t count on it. It might be for the in-game Shelby manufacturer rather than any Shelby branded car. Might be like that [Redacted] thing. The Ford Shelbys are “Ford [Redacted] '16” and “Ford [Redacted] '13” etc, while the actual Shelbys have Shelby in the shortened version of the name.

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Maybe but there are only 2 Shelby cars listed under the manufacturer. I suppose those 2 would be better balanced against each other compared to the much better handling Ford Shelby’s but on the other hand the 2 Shelby’s are kind of op.

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Allegedly one of the dirt courses in mangrove scramble…and I wouldn’t recommend the trucks on it lol. Unless you go for some of the smaller body vehicles. The new silverado is to big unless you want to bounce off the wall. Just ran it in rivals…too much slow down to make the corners without whacking the wall. Looks like a lot of people were using the ford f150 on it.

For the Trial.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept 2016

SC: Design 420 438 477 - Tune 599 531 245 (C 600)

You can find some more cars and tunes here.

For the Shelby championship.

Shelby Cobra Daytone Coupe 1965

SC: Design 144 361 545 - Tune 102 381 750 (S1 900)


The first course in The Trial is reported to be Mangrove Scramble but I’m not sure what the weather conditions will be. I did 3 practice laps Solo with 11 AI in the following vehicles:

2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum (C0MoonStars)
2020 Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW Platinum (waznewz)
2020 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss (geistwriter)
1997 Land Rover Defender 90 (waznewz)
1970 International Scout 800A (Saeenu)
1970 GMC Jimmy (El Barto inc)
1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade (onlylegend80)
2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Dont Giva Deuce)
2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class (Dont Giva Deuce)
2006 HUMMER H1 Alpha (PlageBLN)
2016 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept (PlageBLN)

It’s not scientific but from the tunes that were available to me the 2 Platinum Fords were fastest followed by the Chev Silverado (+ 5 secs). The Chev Silverado with the tune by geistwriter was however nicer to drive.

There are several items in the Playlist which don’t tally with previous information but thanks to ManteoMax and others we now have most details. Minor matters and it may be nitpicking on my part for which I apologize include: the 40pts reward car is the 1968 Pontiac Firebird, the Hummer class/PI, Rally Adventure Speed Zone 70 or 80 mph, Hot Wheels Drift Zone target 15,000 pts seems a bit low previous info was 150,000 pts).

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u guys really think they’re gonna do a seasonal with 2 eligible cars that cost 2 mil and 30 mil credits? I guess we gonna find out :joy:

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improved to #122 Mangrove C600 with this tune pretty easily, it won’t catch top tier Scout or F450 but it’s excellent, I like it more than RAM


Thanks as always Plage. :+1:



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I decided after all the tuning…all the trucks…to go with the jeep rubicon lol. Too many choices. I refuse to use the f450…too many tight corners and I don’t want to end up on a youtube video looking like bigfoot again at a demolition derby haha. I used the extreme a while back and ended up on a video just mauling folks on the gauntlet . It was funny…but I tend not to like to smash into people. I try to maintain grandmadriving form …Second run I will use the silverado though…no scout. To me it’s becoming the new boneshaker.

Need better proofreading for the community messages.

American Automotive Festival Playlist W2

Bald eagles screech as these two icons of the muscle car era arrives at the Horizon Festival during the Spring season!

More rewards are coming your way with the second week of the Festival Playlist available until November 16.

It had the '68 Nova and '66 Firebird, which are coming with the new week, but it’s Autumn, not Spring. And the second week runs until Nov 23, unless that’s supposed to say “available starting November 16”. Also should be “arrive”, not “arrives”. “These two icons … arrive”.

Posting a little early this week for those that like to spend some time with the tunes before the season starts…

Metal Shed Motorworks
--------by Cashless--------

Forzathon Weekly Challenge
“Bucking Broncos”
2021 Ford Bronco - SC 122 867 328 (B700)
An excellent tune and perfect for a seasonal championship! :wink:

The Trial
“Pickup The Pieces” C600 Pickups and 4x4’s
1973 Land Rover Range Rover - SC 169 732 597 (C600)
I’ve dubbed this the “Strange Rover” but the only odd thing about it is…its actually quick! :woman_shrugging:

Seasonal Championships
“Stop, Hummer Time” A800 Hummer
2006 Hummer H1 Alpha - SC 126 248 755 (A800)
Big, boxy, and built to bash barriers! :boom: Put the hammer down in this Hummer and hang on! :upside_down_face:

“Torque The Talk” S1 900 Shelby Cars
1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe - SC 696 947 482 (S1 900)
Just like real life, anything Shelby is expensive! Hopefully, two years into the game you have this one. :crossed_fingers: (No Shelby? I have a 2020 Shelby GT500 tune as well…if it qualifies :woman_shrugging:)

"Gone Truckin’ " B700 Pickups and 4x4’s
2021 Ford Bronco - SC 122 867 328 (B700)
An excellent tune for a vehicle we all have… Also, the Forzathon Weekly Challenge car this week. :crazy_face:

Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship
“Cobra Car” S2 998 USA
2010 Mosler MT900S - SC 134 681 458 (S2 998)
Does anyone go here anymore? Maybe Mosler on over and take a gander at the realm of orange track! :joy:

Rally Adventure Seasonal Championship
“Founding Forefathers” A800 Ford AWD
1993 Ford SVT Cobra R - SC 495 759 401 (A800)
It’s been converted to AWD (like most of my tunes :rofl:), so enjoy running this horse through the :desert:!

PR Stunts
Mainland Mexico A800 Jeep Trailcat
Dangersign “Boardwalk”
Speedtrap “Mudflows”
2016 Jeep Trailcat - SC 101 657 060 (A800)

HW/RA A800 Ford
HW Driftzone “Cauldron”
RA Speedzone “Devil’s Pass”
1993 Ford SVT Cobra R - SC 495 759 401 (A800)

As always, I hope these work well for all who use them! :crossed_fingers: Best of luck this week and thanks for keeping it Cashless!! :grin:

Happy driving all!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Chevrolet 1972 K10 Custom (Stars n Stripes): 633 139 941
Ford 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R (Prisma Whiteout): 448 133 058
Ford 1986 F-150 XLT Lariat (Stars n Stripes): 111 672 877
Ford 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 (Prisma Whiteout): 159 892 920
Ford 2013 Shelby GT500 (Prisma Whiteout): 183 595 513
Ford 2022 Bronco Raptor (Gulf): 826 253 083

International 1970 Scout 800A (Rallye Blue): 130 083 656
Mercedez-Benz 2018 X-class (Manchester City): 656 321 702
Shelby 1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe (Gulf): 378 150 309
Willys 1945 MB Jeep (MissouriMilitary): 132 838 571
Shelby 1965 Cobra 427 S/C (Gulf): 174 076 605

Whew! That’s a lot more than I realized I was going to share.

The Scout is a replica based on this:

The Daytona is a replica of this:

The Cobra 427 is a replica of this:

(So it’s a replica of a replica… don’t let the inception loop get you!)

The red white and blue pick ups are pretty thematic and are takes on the real life “Liberty” livery that’s available for purchase.

I made like @x_ShadowsBane_x and prepared something for the Fords (make like a Coastie and “Semper Paratus”), in this case White out with Prismacolor white stripes and Shelby logos.

The Bronco Raptor has my classic Gulf pattern based on that one Porsche.

The MB X-class has a Man City Livery.

And the Jeep has a custom vinyl group of Missouri Military Academy, a military school in Missouri.