Festival Playlist events and rewards Mar. 24th - 31st (Spring S5)


The season starts at 7:30am Pacific on March 24th and closes at Thursday, March 31, 2022 2:30 PM
This is the fourth and closing season of Series 5.

Welcome to the Horizon Rush Takeover! Jaimin’s crew has been busy preparing for the PR Stunt Carnival as new PR Stunts and a dedicated Stunt Park invite players to leave their mark. To celebrate the PR Stunt Carnival, every week in Series 5 we’ll be adding four new PR Stunts – one of each type: Speed Zone, Danger Sign, Trailblazer and Speed Trap – for a total of 16 new PR Stunts! The Speed Zones will be added permanently, while the others are only available to complete in Series 5 and will feature a special icon to distinguish them from existing PR Stunts. Don’t miss the new Parade Float race.


Series total: 208 Points
Points are accumulated across all four seasons. Each event in the Festival Playlist has a number of points to earn noted in the bottom left corner of the event tile. Accumulate points with any combination of completed events to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car. Cars noted as Exclusive are not available in the Autoshow, so grab them while you can! But don’t worry if you miss them, these cars may come back again for future Festival Playlists.

Reward: 1965 MINI Cooper S Forza Edition (new Exclusive car) (80 points)
Reward: 1970 Porsche #3 917 LH (Autoshow value 15,000,000) (160 points)


Total Points: 52
Accumulate points with any combination of completed events this season to earn the first reward car, and continue earning points from remaining events to earn the second reward car.

Reward: 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO (R35) (new Exclusive car) (20 points)
Reward: 1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen (Exclusive car) (40 points)


Not only do completing these events earn seasonal points, they also earn Forzathon Points which can be used in the Forzathon Shop.

#Forzathon Weekly Challenge: Light as a Feather (5 points)
These four challenges must be completed in sequence for completion.

  • Chapter 1: Fit for Purpose | Own and drive the 2010 Mosler MT900S
  • Chapter 2: Mosler Tingle | Earn 10 stars from Speed Traps in the Mosler
  • Chapter 3: All-Rounder | Drive a total of 300 mph (483 km/h) across Speed Zones in the Mosler
  • Chapter 4: Supercharged | Complete a Speed Trap and Speed Zone within 2 minutes

#Forzathon Daily Challenges (1 point each)
Each day a new challenge opens at 7:30am Pacific.

  • Muscle Power | Earn 6 Stars at Speed Traps in any Modern Muscle
  • Stay on Target | Hit 10 Bowling Pins within 10 seconds at the Stadium Stunt Park in the 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO
  • No Wings Required | Jump a total of 6,000 ft (1829 m) at Danger Signs
  • Hot Shot | Earn a total of 150 mph (241.5 km/h) across Speed Zones in any Hot Hatch
  • Scenic Route | Take a picture at the River Rapids Trailblazer start gates
  • Speedy Speed Boy | Earn 5 Stars at Speed Traps in any ‘S2’ Class vehicle
  • Shining Star | Earn 10 Stars from PR Stunts within 3 minutes

Forzathon Shop

  • 600 FP Car: 2013 McLaren P1 (Autoshow value 1,350,000 CR)
  • 450 FP Car: 2018 Porsche Macan LPR Rally Raid (Hard-To-Find)
  • 75 FP Clothing: Festival Sombrero
  • 75 FP Car Horn: Welcome Spring
  • Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins cost 60 and 150 FP each - new lower prices!


Toggle the menu to show the rewards and restrictions for each event - if you complete the event in a car outside the restrictions or fail to meet the target, you won’t get the reward and points from completion.

Horizon Arcade (3 points) | Mini Games | Complete any Horizon Arcade theme

The Trial (10 points) | Blooming Lovely | Road Racing | (A800) Lotus
Note: You must have unlocked the Hall of Fame with Accolade points to enter the Trial.
Reward: 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven (Autoshow value 150,000 CR)

EventLab (3 points) | MRMAGMATIZER PRESENTS Horizon Rush Touge-Style Circuit | (B700) Japan
“1v1 narrow, touge-style circuit based on the “Lookout Circuit” map, but in tighter form.”
Reward: Black Drift Zone Tee (new seasonal exclusive clothing unlock)

Playground Games (3 points) | Jungle Boogie | Aerodromo en la Selva | (B700) Super Hot Hatch
Reward: 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (Autoshow value 31,000 CR)

Danger Sign (2 points) | Salto De Rio | (S1 900) Rally Monsters | 370.7 feet
Reward: Wheelspin

Speed Trap (2 points) | Tulum | (S1 900) 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO | 145.0 mph
Reward: 2016 Pagani Huayra BC Forza Edition (Hard-To-Find)

Speed Zone (2 points) | Trebol | (S1 900) Open Top Cars | 190.0 mph
Reward: 1926 Bugatti Type 35 C (Autoshow value 1,300,000 CR)

Drift Zone (2 points) | Punto Norte | (S1 900) Hoonigan | 50,000 points
Reward: Wheelspin

Trail Blazer (2 points) | Cruse de Granja | (B700) MINI | 12 seconds
Reward: White Trailblazer Finish Tee (new seasonal exclusive clothing unlock)


Treasure Hunt (3 points) | Acura Me Treasure! | Acura a clue by travelling fast to see new stars on the Horizon. A quick flash and you’ll see!
Reward: 50,000 CR

Photo Challenge (2 points) | #ITSATRAP | Photograph any Hoonigan at the Stadium Stunt Park
Reward: It is the Way Forza LINK Phrase unlock

Horizon Open (2 points) | You Shall Not Pass! | Deny 3 Flags in a Team Flag Rush
Reward: I’m a Games Master Forza LINK Phrase unlock


KTM X-Bow GT4 at Lookout Circuit (4 points for the season, 16 points for the series)

  • Set a clean lap in the provided car in as many laps as you like.


Complete the Horizon Super7 in the Creative Hub menu
Reward: Super Wheelspin

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What qualifies as an “Open Top Car”? It isn’t a searchable category. I tried Speed Zone event with a convertible Lamborghini and the Auto Union race car and it said it wasn’t the right car for the event.

You can see what is eligible by going on the stunt in the festival playlist.

I also tried the Aventador J first only for it not to work.

I mean it has no roof whatsoever PG, how much more open top can you get than that?


Please stop with the seasonal reward being requires for a PR stunt in the same season.

I was happy about the decreased Wheelspin prices in the Forzathon Shop, though.


Anyone figured out which Acura that is yet?

I also just tried the BAC Mono and it didn’t work either. It has no top.

Horizon Baja Speed Trap with your Acura :wink:




Try the Vuhl 05RR, it worked for me (tuning needed)

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Try Horizon baja speed trap


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Thanks @Player672256742 ! The Vuhl worked!

Or you know…just pay a little attention to what someone else said in the first place which would have given them your suggestion + the rest of the cars that will work.

NSX, cut thru the track NE to SW. ez.
Monza worked on Zone fine.


I got three flag denys and it didn’t count. I did it in the weekly games, worked last time.

yes confirmed, it doesn’t work in weekly PGG, I will try in open PGG

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Same here, 3 deny´s in the weekly. We now are forced to play in open horizon, and hoping you got flag rush :roll_eyes:

Will it work in solo games? Trying now. Great kicks me out for inactivity. I’ll just do team in case. It is bad enough I had to do the trial 4 times with lighting fast AI. Got it in teams.

I used the Ferrari J50 for the open top and it worked.

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