Festival Playlist events and rewards Jan. 27th - Feb. 3rd (Spring S3)

Pretty clear at this point that they are using the Min, Meet Max achievement to keep people playing the game. Completed everything but the Treasure Hunt that was broken last season so no cheevo. This season, very last week they put in the Challenge to win an individual Horizon Open tourney; which the vast majority of players, including me, will never be able to do legit…and they know that. Uninstalling now.


Horizon Open (2 points) | Spoilt For Choice | Win any Horizon Open Event
Reward: Wheelspin

i just win the eliminator but this don’t complete. is it a bug or eliminator won’t count toward this. already restart the game still not complete

Ok so I won the Seasonal PGG and the Spoilt For Choice challenge completed, so you can do it there and kill two birds with one stone.

But why would you make us win a Horizon Open match?, please stop these multiplayer challenges that are more RNG based than anything else.


I won PPG twice, still not completed, silly me play it 3 times.

So I already don’t like doing these dumb games like King and Infected, then this week they put it in the stadium that seemingly has no grip. Doesn’t even matter what tire compound you use and the rounds are 10 minutes long. WHY!!!

The 95 Corvette is great for the b700 retro muscle.

I just completed the “Win any Horizon Open Event” doing and losing the Seasonal Playground Games (2 VS 6, no chance). I’m lucky or just another bug? :rofl:

Sounds like a bug. Saw someone on reddit report the same and a bunch of others replied that it didn’t work for them.

Seriously?? This speed trap is ridiculous!! Are the programmers just pissed that everyone has been attacking them for this game and making this things just a complete nightmare??

Well, after 30 tries in other tunes, finally the tune from Ugrundy got me through at the right speed on the first try!

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i use UGRUNDYS tunes for a lot of stuff. they never fail honestly great tuner.

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Except CC tunes that take “suspension is supposed to absorb it” to whole new level by coming to almost complete stop after big jump.
Also dirt tunes are far from stable.

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Did you do it from the open menu or the seasonal PGG? The seasonal may not count. Trying it now from the open menu. Tried many races and I just can’t get lucky. Huge waste of time. Really getting pissed off. 2 hrs so far on one stupid thing. Now it’s putting me on teams with no people. I just cannot catch a break on this one. Again on the team with the least players.


I joined it from the ‘horizon open’. The other team immediately dropped out, since we got matched 4 vs 2, we won, but it didn’t register. Because of course it didn’t. Great work once again PGG

Same just happened to me. Once again a buggy mess.

You need to rub your belly and pat your head while hopping in a circle on one foot for it to register.


Damn I was rubbing my head and patting belly but i did do the hop :slight_smile:

Won a Horizon Open team event. Challenge never registered. I take it is a solo event then. Game is beyond a joke. Finished with it. Last achievement I need is Min, meet, Max.

Been let down by the expedition daily that they never fixed, changing the requirements for the Achievement, a broken treasure hunt and now this.


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Ugrundy tune for the Speed zone for the win on first attempt. Started on the road to the north on the map and cruised straight in and finished around 88 mph. Whoever this person is, I think I found my go to tuner!

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Well, I won a game of Eliminator and it registered as completed!

Just kidding. It didn’t.


I also won Eliminator thinking it would work…silly me!